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    As you may remember, I attempted to install the GPRS upgrade on my 180 the first day it was (legally) available. It ate my 180. After exchanging a few emails with Handspring, they sent me a replacement. The upgrade ate it too.

    Several more phone calls and attempted fixes on the second replacement. Now, the shipping time for a replacement has slipped from 3 business days to 5 to 7 days...

    I don't think HS was prepared for the flood of problems that have occurred with this upgrade. I've been Treo-less since 11/28, and with the holidays rapidly approaching, I don't expect the response time to improve soon.

    I've been switching back and forth between my Nokia 5190 and my Visorphone, which has only made me even more homesick for my Treo!

    Nothing to do at this point but wait, I guess...

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    You pretty much answered what I was wondering about. My Treo 270 blank out on me again (2nd one) and I got my case number last Friday but as of today, the replacement unit is yet to come. They charged my card the $25 already so I figured it's on its way. I've dealt with Handspring from Day 1 (with their Delux model) and yes I had replacement units (Prism, Visorphone) many times and usually my replacement unit would come in no later than the 3rd day.

    I'm actually happy that my unit blanked out so I can get one of those units with the GPRS installed already! I read in the posts here that the new units include the GPRS so hopefully they are correct. Refurbished? I don't care, you should see the one I will be returning and for $25 cost, I will get a newer one.
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    I think you're in for a disappointment.... Having been a victim of the lock mode thingie, I had to have my 270 replaced as soon as GPRS was available. Several of us discovered that despite Handspring's assurance that the new units came with GPRS already installed...we still had to do the upgrade as the upgrades are carrier dependent, and HS is not ready to install/ship for your carrier (T-Mo, Sprint, Cingular, etc.). So be prepared to go through more time.
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    Hey pixelsRZen...COOL AVATAR!!!

    Now, we should run a poll to see who remembers what that thing is used for (and find out who the old folks are).

    And for you young 'kids'... no, it's not an ancient Chinese fertility symbol, although fertility rites may have been practiced while using this device

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    I still have some 45s at home. Plus about 500 old LPs. Hard to give up--especially since most of it did not get remastered onto CDs.
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    Hey pixelsRZen...COOL AVATAR!!!
    Ditto! I just had to explain it to my 13 year-0ld daughter. She had never owned a vinyl record. <sigh>
    It's not the heat; it's the stupidity!
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    It's NOT an ancient chinese fertility symbol? LOL

    (You can still buy these)


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    I have some too...but why would you want to buy them when it 's cheaper to go out and buy an entire new cd collection than one needle?
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    but (excuse me for my youth) a record doesn't look like that.. im so confused...
    -Michael Ducker
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    Originally posted by miradu
    but (excuse me for my youth) a record doesn't look like that.. im so confused...
    It's not a record. It's something else related to records. Old vinyl records, with different hole sizes
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    Man I feel old!!!!!!!!
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    Originally posted by miradu
    but (excuse me for my youth) a record doesn't look like that.. im so confused...
    The old 45 RPM records (about 6-7" in diameter & had one song on each side) had a large hole. This gizmo was an insert so that the 45 could be played on a stereo with a small spindle.


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