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    So I did the "illegal" upgrade some time back, and it works fine (more or less fine). Is there ANY reason to upgrade to the t-mobile gprs upgrade, if the earlier, unsupported one works? Are there any new features?

    I sort of don't want to mess with success...
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    I wouldn't if everything is working. I was in the same situation, and several resets and many grey hairs later I really don't notice a difference, and see no new features(except fot the stupid t-jingle as my ring tone).

    If it ain't broke don't fix it.
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    Well, the one obvious advantage is that if something does go wrong in the future, at least you'll be supported by Handspring to get it fixed. Otherwise, they're under no obligation to give you warranty service if, say, your radio burns out, or something of that nature.

    I doubt Handspring would give you a major hassle in either event, but they could, if they wanted to.

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