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    I haven't heard anyone ranting about Cingular's non-compliance with the GPRS update-I for one am so damn sick of waiting, but not willing to chance frying my Treo-i am one of the very few who is still on their first unit (since June) with NO issues whatsoever.

    Handspring now claims to me that we'll have it by year's-end. My question is: How can they say that but then cop-out and claim Cingular is driving the boat on the unavailability thus-far...

    Anybody know anything?
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    Dont know a damn thing. But I to am still waiting. After watching all the reply's/problems about the unoffical upgrade, I have decided to just wait. I sure wish Cingluar/Handspring would get it out allready though....the cruel irony is I have been paying for GPRS though Cingluar since October anticipating that it will come out. sigh....
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    I've been using GPRS flawlessly since October and it works great!
    And yes I've also had my 270 since June without a glitch...
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    Except for Thanksgiving week, millerhifi. Remember? :-)
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    Oh yeah,
    I tried to forget about that week!!
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    Wow! Nice to hear it really has worked well for a few. But, does anyone have any information about a possible release date the the offical program? I am still going to wait for it.
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    I finally got tired of waiting so I followed the Unofficial Guide and it wouldn't work. I can't seem to get around the fact that it keeps recognizing Cingular as my carrier. Despite the fact that I did:
    1) Hard Reset.
    2) Put CurrentCarrier.PDB in my Hotsync backup folder.

    Any ideas? Has anybody tried this upgrade for Cingular since T-Mo made it official?

    Finally, I still do not understand why Cingular has GPRS on a couple other phones, shares its California towers with T-Mobile, and STILL CAN"T offer GPRS for the 270!!! It makes no sense.

    Jon Margolis
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    What upgrade did you do 1.1 or 1.1.1?
    did you remove the currentcarrier.pdb file that was already in your back up folder before replacing it with the modified version?
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    I had to try the 1.1. When I tried to download T-Mobile's version it redirected me to their website which required user name access.

    I thought that I replaced CurrentCarrier properly, but apparently I did not.

    I Hotsynced.
    Hard Reset.
    Copied all my HotSync files to a different directory.
    Downloaded CurrentCarrier (which stuck it in the Install tool for my next Hotsync).
    Downloaded the International version because of the aforementioned issue with being moved to T-Mo's website.

    I think that Handspring may have done this to stop the hacks, or I'm just missing something silly (usually the case).

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    Basically all that you want to do is go into your back up folder and remove the currentcarrier.pdb file that exists there by dragging it out to your desktop and than drag the modified one into your back up folder. You don't want to do a hot sync to install the modified currentcarrier.pdb file, do it manually.
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    Thanks, that was my mistake.
    However, now that Handspring has closed out the links to the newest version, I think I'm back to waiting.
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    Use v1.1, it works great!
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    Originally posted by treo270nc
    I haven't heard anyone ranting...

    Anybody know anything?
    Since you have opened the door, I'll rant a little bit:

    No, no one knows when Cingular GPRS will be available. Why? Because Handspring is a company founded on the belief that not communicating with it's Customers is a best practice. Furthermore, they believe that hype and vaporware are desirable porduct feature sets. Just listen to CEO Hawkins' COMDEX address where he introduces the Treo as a "... all in one replacement device for the cell phone, pager, and Blackberry..."

    Yeah, right.

    The sad thing is that this is really a revolutionary product, but they are going to allow everyone else to leap frog them with GPRS in next generation devices (Kyocera 7135, SonyEricson P800, HP Jronada 9 Series, etc. are all on the way in a matter of weeks/months). The HP s already out in UK, and I hear it is awesome.

    In the mean time, they've pissed me off so much that I have absolutely no brand/product loyalty left. It's more like a love/hate relationship. The minute one of the devices above comes to market (and they'll come with GPRS already enabled) I will dump my Treo on E-Bay, and switch. Rather than using the reveloutionary Treo to create Cusotmers for life, Handspring is blowing it. Pathetic.

    End of Rant.

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    Handspring sucks.

    As a consumer, I understand that sometimes delays occur. Sometimes it is the vendors fault, sometimes not.

    Those delays I can accept. However I expect that the vendor will be honest with me during the delay. Handspring is not. (In fact, as far as I know, they have not provided any information to Cingular customers whatsoever).

    You know what really sucks? The delays are probably due to them rewriting the software (like T-mobile did) to override your ringtones, set your browser homepage, and remove other features I find useful. The REALLY screwed up thing is that Handspring will go along with this, even though they should be acting in MY interests - I'm the one that paid them, not the carrier.
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    the early adopters will be coming up on their 1 year anniversary (read: warranty expiration date) in about 3 months. If handspring doesn't come out with the Cingular GPRS update before then, will they not cover update related problems for 100% of the customers using Cingular? (Cingular was the only carrier availabile in my area when I bought the Treo).

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    So, I guess no one has any information or dates about this? Any rumors? Anything??
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    I would like to know if anyone knows anything about the upgrade, too. I just called cingular and had the Wireless Internet Express removed from my account. Argh. I have my original treo from June and do not want to jinx it.......
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    WOW!! cant belive no one knows anything? Oh well, I guess Ill just have to wait some more I suppose.... sigh......
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    Haven't heard a thing.

    Placed a call. They didn't return it.

    Sent an e-mail. Got a canned response.

    Spoke to a CS Tech Rep. He was clueless.


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