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    Pseudo Poll:

    Aside from the fact that Cingular has not approved the GPRS upgrade, and T-Mobile has, but both support Treo, please air your celebrations and frustrations below.

    [I switched to T-Mobile, performed the GPRS upgrade (no problems) and with all the various T-Mo issues (which need not be again repeated here), I'm considering switching back to Cingular and configuring for unofficial GPRS.]
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    FWIW, I used the unofficial v.1.1 updater on my T180 a couple of months ago and have been using GPRS with Cingular here in the SF Bay Area with mixed success (due to Cingular's problems with GPRS). I actually ran the updater more for the feature enhancements (speakerphone, mute, echo correction), since I use GPRS only rarely. I'm not sure any of these carriers are better than any other. If you check enough posts, there are problems with them all.

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