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I would like to see proof of this as well b/c these types of mergers usually means slashing of jobs....in this case, mostly from T-M.
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October 13, 2011
FCC Presses AT&T on Jobs Claims for Merger


WASHINGTON (Reuters) - A federal telecommunications regulator asked AT&T Inc on Thursday to provide data on claims that its deal to buy T-Mobile USA would mean a net gain of U.S. jobs, saying its responses on this issue "remain incomplete."

The Federal Communications Commission said in a letter to AT&T's lead attorney Rick Rosen that the agency had asked about U.S. jobs in a request for information sent in May.

AT&T has defended the $39 billion transaction, saying it would bring 5,000 overseas jobs back to the United States, but the FCC pressed for data to show there would be a net increase in U.S. jobs.