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    Ok, I installed the T-Mobile GPRS upgrade immediately the night it was released, and signed up for the 10 MB plan the next's worked flawlessly...except...for the GPRS/Signal strength icons...

    If i turn the phone off, then back on, the icon that appears is simply the regular old strength icon, no GPRS triangle to show the availability of GPRS. If i open Blazer or any other Internet application, the Treo connects to T-Mobile Internet, and the icon becomes the large black triangle for active GPRS. It stays like that unless I manually disconnect from GPRS or a great deal of hours pass without any internet activity (in which case i get the icon with the small triangle to show GPRS availability).

    Is this how its suppossed to work, I don't know if I'm in a GPRS area until after I attempt a connection??
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    Yup, thats how it supposed to work!

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