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    I see that these two issues have been discussed before but I didn't see any resolution to them. Just 'cus I'm melodramatic, I'll post my rant. But what I want for this thread is to have OTHER such issues brought out to the public. The rest of the GPRS update has been great, but these two issues really **** me off, and I have a strange and bad feeling that there are other changes that might not have gotten much exposure. If you know of any, please post them here. For now, on with the rant...

    [rant mode=pissedoff]

    Like many people, I REALLY wanted the GPRS update for my Treo. And, like many others, I gritted my teeth while being a good boy and waited for the official release rather than fudging it onto my Treo. When it was released, I happily followed the instructions and installed it, and even more happily tested out some of the cool new features (like speakerphone before the call connects, and mute, etc.). But, I really should have seen it coming. How can anything be so painless? Where's the other shoe? Well, today, the other shoe finally dropped.

    I met my father this afternoon, and he called me to let me know where he was. I was testing out a new case and didn't hear my Treo ring, but vibrate. I attributed the silence to the new case and went on. Later, I was calling my father back to locate him, and he didn't answer! Three times I called him before he realized his Treo was ringing! I assumed the same was the problem for him, in that his case was muffling the sound too much, and he didn't have a very loud ringtone selected.

    So we sit down for lunch and I ask him for his Treo. I was going to beam him a new ringtone that was plenty loud enough for him to hear, just like the one I was using. Lo and behold, his Treo was using that wonderful (NOT!) new T-Mobile ringtone, the "T-Jingle." That thing is so quiet you can't hear it without holding your Treo right in front of you, useless in a case of any kind in anything but a very quiet environment. So, I proceeded to run HoHo on my Treo to try and tweak that ringtone to be louder and higher pitch. But, when I switch to the ringtone database and try to open it, HoHo gives me a fatal error and I have to reset. What?!? So I try it a different way with the same error, and even beam HoHo to my father's Treo only to have the same thing happen.

    After fiddling more with his phone and mine, I discover that MY Treo was ALSO using the T-Jingle ringtone. I NEVER chose that. In fact, I specifically remember changing it to a GOOD ringtone after my GPRS upgrade. How in the world did it get changed back?! Well, it didn't take long for me to figure out that a simple SOFT RESET will change the ringtone back to the T-Jingle, no matter what it was before. A *SOFT* reset!! Go ahead, give it a try.

    Obviously, the GPRS upgrade includes a tweak to the Ringer preferences or database (probably database) that forces it to switch to that crappy and useless T-Jingle ringtone after a hard reset. I'm sorry, but I feel that this is truly UNACCEPTABLE! What is the point of allowing me to choose a new ringtone if it gets set back to some OTHER ringtone after every soft reset?! Let's admit it, when you have a lot of apps, especially new ones or ones that do cool stuff, there are soft resets, sometimes more than once per day for some of us (beta testers!). Having to not only remember, but actually DO, go in an change the ringtone to the one you want every time is NOT something that I ever had to do before the GPRS upgrade, and it's not something I should ever have to do now. But apparently someone with a really petty (yes, petty) agenda at T-Mobile decided that GPRS Treo users had to use T-Jingle as their ringtone whether they like it or not.

    This brings me to my other gripe. My father asked me how to change the Blazer start page. "Sure!" I said as I grabbed his Treo and went to the Blazer preferences... "Wait.. It used to be right here." Yes, now Blazer will only start on the T-Mobile web page, and the user CANNOT change it!!! What is up with that?! I can understand changing it once, but permanently?!?? There's no reason for that, ESPECIALLY with users who are not bound to a T-Mobile yearly contract. I'm not, and I have no desire to go to T-Mobile's web site every time I start Blazer any more than I want to hear the stupid T-Jingle every time my phone rings after a soft reset. I'll be missing calls all the time if I don't remember to change my ringtone after a soft reset!


    "Numerous other corrections like fixing minor graphical glitches, speeding up performance and customizing error messages to be carrier-specific." This, from one of the GRPS upgrade FAQs, does NOT cover these undesirable changes.

    I'm certainly open to suggestion, and I hope there are fixes, patches, or hacks that allow my Treo to function PROPERLY soon. I do not appreciate being forced to use these settings in this fashion, and had I known about them before I upgraded I would have seriously reconsidered my decision. As it is, I'm having to apologize to my father for encouraging him to upgrade. He doesn't like these "features" any more than I do.

    I hope there can be some resolution to this, because I really don't want a bad day to turn into a bad month or more. If anyone knows of any other undesirable changes to the OS like these, please let me know. I'd like to know what I'm in for, not to mention know what to complain about in an effort to have it changed.


    I was hoping getting that off my chest would make me feel better, but I'm just as pissed about it as I was before. I hope I'm not the only one who feels this way about these changes.

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    After having had no problems at all with my original Treo, I was terrified to have to get a replacement because of the system lock error when upgrading to GPRS. I just *knew* that I was going to run into all the problems that everyone else had been having. I was even prepared to have to give up Ringo which I read in some thread didn't work well with the GPRS upgrade...but it hasn't been a problem. While my normal ring does switch to that annoying T-Mo jingle, the personal rings I've set seem to stay. As for the Blazer start page? Mine opens up wherever I left it...
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    Right there with ya, man. I waited too, and now I've missed countless calls because of that *@#! T-Jingle ringer. And the other morning it switched to T-Jingle *without* a reset. I just got up in the morning, and my ringer was different. You're exactly right - there is no point to having a ringer selection if it keeps falling back to T-Jingle.

    If you start some kind of campaign, let me know where to sign up.
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    Originally posted by GregGaub
    I hope I'm not the only one who feels this way about these changes.


    YOU ARE NOT ALONE! I feel strongly enough about these changes that I haven't applied the upgrade!

    I wasn't interested in GPRS (too expensive) but was looking forward to some of the fixes (speaker phone/mute button etc...) Once I started reading about some of the "enhancements" I decided to do a little research.

    I found that same article describing "numerous other corrections" that you quoted, but nothing else. I fired off a e-mail listing the "corrections" that I had discovered so far (T-Jingle, Blazer Home Page & Removal of the Turn off & Lock option in the Security Application) requesting that they provide a more comprehensive list on their website so that I could make an informed decision before installing the upgrade. I also suggested that they either provide fixes to reverse the T-mobile-ware or issue stand-alone fixes for just the features that people want.

    Their response (which I wish I could quote directly, but I deleted it immediately in disgust) was something like 'You have discovered all of the changes...Yada Yada Yada...Thank you for contacting Handspring.'

    Add my name to the protest petition!!!
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    I always appreciated the one-handed operation of the Treo --especially while driving.

    I truly believe that the Treo **previously** possessed "Best-in-class" One-handed operation due to its ability to:
    (a) invoke the call history list simply by pressing the phone icon, and
    (b) easily bring up the dial-pad immediately after a call (to my voice mail system).

    However, both of these distinguishing features gone with the supposed improvements of the GPRS upgrade. I, for one, would gladly give up the new improvements to reclaim this lost/impaired functionality.

    Does anyone have any suggestions for restoring this lost functionality?

    Donovan Dillon.
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    To me this is almost as bad as the whole backlight problem.
    In fact it is almost worse. This time they knew well before what they were doing and completely covered it up. I think we should file formal complaints with both Handspring and T-Mobile.

    I find all of this very disconcerting and it makes me question sticking with handspring the next time they roll out a new product.

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    Could installing the standard 1.1 GPRS version over top, not the T-Mobile version, possibly change these settings back?
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    I don't like the fact that the Blazer homepage is now set for us either. But this caused me to do some poking. I have now changed the view upon starting Blazer to open my bookmarks page. For me at least, that's perfect. I didn't like the fact that Blazer always tried to reopen the last page you were visiting anyway.
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    The issues raised are annoying, but for me outweighed by the other features of the upgrade. Also, I've found good workarounds for both. Ringtones: Ringo overrides the default just fine. Blazer homepage: start in bookmark view. I did this anyway to avoid unnecessary page loads when starting up, but it also allows you to totally avoid the default homepage.
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    [rant mode=on]

    T Mobile's GPRS service sucks big time. You can't subscribe to the 2MB/month plan if you use the Treo with GPRS. YOU HAVE TO SUBSCRIBE TO THE 10MB/MONTH PLAN. I found that out the hard way, and T Mobile doesn't even tell you this, until you wait a week later and still don't have GPRS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    10MB/Month, is equal to $19.95/month. What a ripoff. I hope T Mobile realizes that they're raping us from behind and changes their rates.

    [rant mode=off]
    <>....Relaying denied.
    IP name lookup failed []
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    Can I ask what may be a dumb question related to the T-Jingle debacle. I have been using the PalmMidiDesktop today to add midi's to the Ringer on my Treo. Using PMD you can see all of the Midi's that come standard with the Treo including the one for T-Jingle. What do you think would happen if I just deleted the T-Mobile midi? Would the fact that they hardwired the Treo to change back to the T-Mobile jingle cause a problem if that file is no longer there on a soft reboot. Even better yet, why not rename another favorite to the same file name as T-Jingle? I was about to try this out but I chickened out, I mean I didn't wait 3 extra months to load the official GPRS patch to break my treo over the fixing the ringer. Plus I thought one of you smart folks might know the answer to this. Just an idea . . .
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    [QUOTE]Originally posted by Stanward
    [B][rant mode=on]

    T Mobile's GPRS service sucks big time. You can't subscribe to the 2MB/month plan if you use the Treo with GPRS. YOU HAVE TO SUBSCRIBE TO THE 10MB/MONTH PLAN.

    Gee, all I did was call T-Mobile and request the available plans. When the CS said 2MB for 9.99 I said 'that's the one I want" and low and behold that's exactly what I got. Works fine, no problem.

    Has anything ever worked right on the numerous Treos you have operated? You have experienced and written about every Treo problem and potential problem known to peoplehood. I think I would have opted for another solution if I had as many problems as you have.

    Now, I happen to agree with the T-Jingle issue. This needs to be fixed and fixed soon. As far as the call history, I agree it is a mistake, however it only took me a couple of days to get used to "menu-Y" and i can do that with one hand.

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    Hey comrades. I say, let's remember that with new innovations come pain (sometimes awfully big), but that's part of progress. We need to be a bit patient and things will work out, eventually. Look at the Wright brothers: They were lousy pilots, but thanks to their will to push the envelope we can fly jumbo jets quite safely today (well, this might be a bad example, but you know what I mean).
    Cheers to new technologies! M00se
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    The gripes aren't about new technology, it is about configuration changes that have been hardcoded in by Handspring, probably at the request of T-Mobile.
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    Well tell me something. If you buy a Nokia or Ericcson phone from a carrier. Aren't there stuff in there not is not configurable? Methink the hardcoded stuff is a demand from T-Mobile. I am sure that Cingular is going to want customization of their GPRS upgrade too.

    Originally posted by Appleman
    The gripes aren't about new technology, it is about configuration changes that have been hardcoded in by Handspring, probably at the request of T-Mobile.
    My life is in my Treo... Where is yours?
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    Originally posted by Appleman
    it is about configuration changes that have been hardcoded in by Handspring, probably at the request of T-Mobile.
    Anyone NOT have these changes, who used the so-called unauthroized GPRS upgrade (the Asian version released prior to any approved U.S. version? In other words, are there any T-Mobile users who went for the GPRS upgrade before it was authorized, and who do not have these terrible configuration alterations? What I'm saying is: Are these changes the real difference between the approved/authorized version and the original Asian version?
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    Apparently T-Mobile can do these changes over GPRS without your consent. I was using GPRS version 1.1 (Asian version) and the changes mentioned happened out of nowhere. I am very annoyed about this!

    Maybe this explains why the T-mobile jingle seems to appear out of nowhere even when no soft or hard reset has happened.

    If they can do this over GPRS maybe they can also undo it.

    Their home page is USELESS!!!!

    I like my home page to be MY hompage, not THEIR homepage!
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    I didn't do the patch. I tried, but both times it froze.

    The can't change the home page wouldn't be an issue to me and i am surprised ppl are upset about it. There are work arounds.

    The jingle thing is the most problematic, if it is true that you can't even hear it. How useful is a phone if you can't hear it ring? And it would become a real pain to have to change it back on a soft reset. They need to fix that/this.
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    Originally posted by joseorlandi
    Apparently T-Mobile can do these changes over GPRS without your consent. I was using GPRS version 1.1 (Asian version) and the changes mentioned happened out of nowhere. I am very annoyed about this!
    And that raises the next question: Are there any Asian users not with T-Mobile who have made the GPRS upgrade and did NOT get the automatic configuration changes?

    (I suspect this is Handpsring not TM. My encounters with HS tech support have been so horrific as to be comic. I'll post the latest sometime soon just for laughs.)
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    Maybe a campaign to Handspring, T-Mobile, or both is the answer--especially focusing on the practical impact, such as not being able to hear the ring. If there's a groundswell like that, they can't very well ignore it.
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