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    I think the changes have to do with t-mobile and not hanspring. handspring is at the liberty of the carriers here and probably had to make these changes at the hands of t-mobile. If you even take the very popular Motorola v60, there are changes that ATT and Verizon both made to the software to make it work the way they want to. for example, in the very early version of the v60 on ATT you could change the CID screen to say your name or what ever but it the later versions when ever a call comes in and you flip it open the screen says ATT. I think little things like this are OK when the carrier is supplementing the hardware but if you have an unlocked phone that you bought outright it just seems un-American to do things like this. Anyway, sorry about the rant but sometimes cell phone carriers just SUCK and once number portability happens they are really going to have put up or shut up to keep there customers
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    I have just enabled GPRS for my Treo 270 connected to Telstra. (the largest carrier in Australia)

    My home page is and there doesn't seem to be a way to change it. ( I've never used the web browser feature before enabling GPRS so I'm not sure the option was there before)

    I expect it is a feature of the new GPRS settings that allow the carrier to specify what Home page you have.

    I have also changed to displaying Favourites first and then I select my home page, not ideal but workable

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