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    I signed up for GPRS sevice from T-mobile Boston Tuesday Morning. It is Friday afternoon and I'm still waiting. Are others getting similar dealys?.
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    Make sure you are getting TMobile Internet not TZones. TMobile Internet should work instantly but TZones will not work with the Treo. Tech support told me this after I was mistakenly signed up for TZones.
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    josendo is right. When I signed up, the CS rep actually knew what she was doing and had to 'turn off' the T-zones before the system would accept the GPRS request. I had GPRS up and running a few hours later.

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    I wanted to thank josendo. After getting his reply I called T-mo and sure enough, I was signed up for T-zones. 3 Hours later I was on GPRS. It certainly is helpful to have other users to talk to.

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