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    Anybody know if it is possible to send emails using Tmobile's GPRS connection? I can receive e-mails just fine but I can't send them. Is there a particular SMTP server name that needs to be used (i.e. does Tmobile's GPRS have one)? BTW, I'm using Eudora and just downloaded the SnapperMail beta.
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    i use iambic mail & i entered my email SP's pop3 & smtp info. works like a charm
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    Interesting. I have but do not use Iambic Mail. I'll load it into my Treo and see if it works. I did input my SP's (Southwestern Bell)smtp info on my Eudora program and it doesn't work.

    Mind if I ask which SP you use?
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    You can use T-Mobile's MyEmail service which gives you a POP and SMTP address to use. Configure your information on their website under the commmunication heading.
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    I've been using One Touch without too much trouble both before and after the GPRS upgrade
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    Thanks everyone for your responses. I was able to get Eudora to work after checking the Tmobile site as suggested.
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    After setting up an email account via T-Mobile, it appears that the SMTP server setting for Iambic Mail and other third party mailers is However, when I try to send email, I get the following message which makes me think there is something wrong with and it does not function as a true SMTP server with relaying:

    An error has occured:

    550 5.7.1 <>...
    Relaying denied. IP name lookup
    failed [] is a valid email address and the full IP address reported (substituting the xxx's for what was actually reported in the error message) does not resolve to any machine. The SMTP servers from most ISP's are configured to allow SMTP connections only from an IP address that is within their network in order to avoid spammers using them as a relay.

    I'm also a bit confused as to why I have to setup a T-Mobile email account when Iambic Mail, configured properly, shouldn't require this. Even so, there seems to be no option to setup an IMAP4 email account from within the T-Mobile site which is what I must use for work.

    Can those who email is working for describe your settings?

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    I spoke with T-Mobile regarding this issue and here is what they say. Some, if not most, Internet Service Providers (wireless or otherwise), do not have "open relay" service which means you can't send e-mail via GPRS with using those ISPs (Earthlink is one example). You can still receive email but not sending email. One way to overcome this problem (and it works very well for me), is to open a free POP3 email account with "SoftHome" ( SoftHome is open relay POP3, and you'd be able to send email via GPRS with them, and still receive your emails with your current ISP (POP3). m00se
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    Yes, it appears that using another ISP's relaying SMTP server is the only way this will work for me. In some cases, of course, your ISP will allow relaying and so it is not necessary to obtain another email account somewhere else. It would be nice if T-Mobile would supply us their own SMTP server so that those of us without relaying SMTP servers from our ISP would not have to go through this. Maybe this will happen eventually...

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    wheres the web site where they talk about MyEmail service? couldn't find it on the tmo site

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