I have been using My Wireless Window with Cingular, and I have confirmed with Cingular that it is still set up properly. After the GPRS 1.1 update, I cannot log back onto wireless internet. The GPRS does work but since I do not have it enabled with Cingular, it gives me a logon error. That's fine, considering the phone is reaching the Cingular data network. But when I switch the preference to Wireless Internet instead of Wireless Internet Express, it is stuck on connecting to Cingular, I can't even get to the logon phase. And ultimately (after 3 minutes) getting an error saying wrong number, service busy, or service not enabled. I have tried My Wireless Window setting, with Wireless as phone number, Wireless modem as connection, it prompt an error immediately without even connecting. I am still using that asian carrier pdb from this forum.

Can someone please help me get back on the wireless internet?

thank you so much.