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    Earlier this evening I received a SMS msg from T-Mo letting me know the GPRS upgrade was available on their site. I deleted it without thinking...can't seem to find it anywhere on their site. I was just curious as to what info they had available now to their Treo customers, since there seem to be a number of us. Guess they don't care that much!
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    They FINALLY put something on what was previously a site with a link to

    Not that there's anything so exciting other than the ability to sign up for GPRS plans online?
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    I got that SMS too. Here's the URL in case you can't find it via the home page:

    I wonder if the DL they have posted here is any different than the one we installed from the Handspring site last week? Since there was a slight delay between them, I suppose it's possible. Either way, T-mo says they officially support it now - which is good. I'll be darned if I sign up for $10 / 2mb though!

    Waiting for the price to drop,
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    I got that message as well. I've seen that URL in several threads here. Unfortunately, when I go to that address, it always takes me to T-Mobile's home page; not anything to do with the Treo. In the other threads I've seen similar comments. Also, if you search their site with "Treo", it comes back with 0 results. Not that I care, I signed up with one of their Internet plans anyway, at my employer's cost. It just bothers me that I can't find any pages on TMO website that refer to the Treo. I'd like to see it officially supported on their website as well, not just the GPRS upgrade...
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    Looks like all that's there is the d/l. I want them to have a blinding flashing multi-coloured Flash enabled! link from their home page taking you to everything THEY offer for the Treo.

    Ok, so I'm dreaming...but it would be nice to see Treo at least included as an option *somewhere* on any of their pages........
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    I can't reach the download either, instead get taken to My T-Mobile, with no mention of treo, gprs, etc. I wanted to try to reflash because I can't eliminate this nuisance HSTraceBackup3 file.

    Anyone having success reaching the download? I tried logging out of T-Mobile, but that didn't work either. (It lets you log out, but then if you click on anything, you are automatically logged back in again.)
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    The only time I was successful getting to the T-Mobile upgrade page was on a computer that I had not logged into their website with. Apparantly, there's no way of clearing the auto-login cookie from the site (you have to do it manually). When I did manage to get in, it said the page was "temporarily unavailable."
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    log in to your pc as a different user. it will come right up. s/w to be posted by tomorrow on that site.
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    I deleted all of the cookies that contained 'mobile' in the name. That let me get to the page At this point, I signed in, was told that I was not eligible for an internet account (claiming, inaccurately, that I was a smart access account holder, but I already have an internet account with them), but letting me download the GPRS v1.1.1 updater anyway.

    This is of course apparently the same updater I had obtained from Handspring earlier, so trying it again shouldn't make a difference.

    Nevertheless, it is there now if you want it.

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