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    There is an option in the Network Preferences under Options/Preferences to "Connect to the data natework whenever wireless mode is powered on." I have this checked. How come the Treo doesn't always remain connected, but when I go to access the internet or check e-mail I usually have to wait for it to connect to the GPRS network and Establish the network connection? Is there a program out there that will automatically connect us to the network when the network is lost or you are turning on Wireless Mode. This would be similiar to Treo Tools which automatically turns on Wireless Mode at certain times or turns it back on after a soft reset.
    Darren Greenspoon
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    This seems like a bug -- the feature has never worked for me, even when I check that the box is checked before powering up.

    Moreover, if I try to connect manually with the box checked, I get a freeze.
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