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    Cinguar GPRS appears to be back up in Los Angeles as of about 2:15pm. 1.1 update. It seems that it was down since Nov. 26th.
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    Back up in San Jose as well! I was getting worried there for a while. Hopefully it will stay up.

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    I'm back up and running in Riverside County, CA also. In fact I'm sending this from my Treo.
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    Still cannot connect in Los Angeles. 1.11 Upgrade.
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    I'm being told that some of the switches for GPRS in Los Angeles area are still down (no idea what that means) as of 4:48pm PST.
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    I am in Los Angeles and I still can't connect.
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    I also lost it around the 26th, it came back up here on the third. No problems since then..
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    All you folks that are using GPRS with your Treo in Los Angeles are running the Asian software, right?

    Even though there is support for T-mobile GPRS now, I'm assuming that if I apply that (USA) software that it won't work with Cingular, right?
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    The v1.1.1 should work just fine. You must still use the modified currentcarrier.pdb file found here at TC to allow you to upgrade your treo.

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