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    I haven't been able to access GPRS for a week or so, I'm on Cingular in Southern California. Calling Cingular got me the following response:
    The SoCal Wireless Internet Express system has experienced an outage. They are working on the problem and hope to have it fixed by tomorrow (12/4). Stay tuned
    Treo 270/Cingular GPRS
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    That's interesting... the wireless part of the system is still working just fine, so it must be some other network issue not related to the GPRS.

    I'm in southern California as well, on T-Mobile (which is really on Cingular's network) and have had no problems with GPRS lately.
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    See the many related posts--Cingular has had MAJOR problems with data/GPRS in CA and NV the past week or 2. Call and complain, and ask for a credit on your bill.
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    I called them this morning. They said that the system had been out "intermittently" since Nov. 26th. In Los Angeles, they said the system should have been up by noon today. It's not up as of 2pm (at least not via the Treo).

    They agreed to pro-rate me for a week. $1.86 or so. Whee.
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    Scratch that - Just tried it again and it works in Los Angeles using 1.1. After more than a week being down.

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