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    I've just returned from a Thanksgiving vacation to Virginia. I am from Florida and a customer with T-Mobile. I was able to make both voice and data calls as long as I was in T-Mobile areas. But when in Virginia and roaming on Cingular's GSM network, I could not check my e-mail or browse the web.... no data period. Is that the way it is... is that your experience? It was funny though that on my way back I stopped in Charlotte, again roaming on Cingular and was able to have data services. I called Cingular and got hold of a complete "know nothing." So what's the deal... do T-Mobile customers have data services when roaming on Cingular's network? And what about GPRS.... would it have made any difference if I had that in Cingular's area?

    At least I had my Psion infrared modem and was able to Hotsync and sync my Avantgo content by dialing AT&T's local dial up.
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    Cingular has been flaky lately--much downtime with data/GPRS. FWIW, Cingular and T-Mo seem to share some network capacity and do cross over a bit. One can roam to other cities where Cingular advertises service, but one is connected to T-Mo for seervice. In some cities, I have 'seamless' GPRS access (e.g. went to Boston and 'roamed' on T-Mo with voice and GPRS). In Chicago, was connected to T-Mo, but no GPRS there at all (no little triangle)--had to use 'dialup' for data access. I think that it varies with geography and the level of technology in any one area.

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