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    This is interesting and a bummer...
    I'm using Cingular WAP for my data (wireless internet). (If it matters). On your Treo try going to a web address of just a .jpg file. (Try example below). And watch the number of Kbytes received on the Treo while it's downloading. What I find is that the downloaded image is always about twice the size of the actual image on the web site. This I believe, tells me that the software that is resizing the images for display on the mobile device is doing very poor compression. Or maybe its not doing any compression. I suppose this makes sense since I don't think the Treo has the ability to uncompress .jpg files. So its kind of like it is converting the .jpg images to .bmps or something and downloading those to the Treo. Anyway, kind of a bummer, huh? It makes browsing on the mobile device even slower, unless you turn images off or use a lower color depth.

    Here is an example:

    Goto this web address on the Treo and watch closely the number of Kbytes being received. The image should finally display when it reaches 9.4 K.

    Then go to the same address on your Windows browser and right-click on the image and select "Properties". You'll see that the actual size is only 4.2 K (more than twice the original size).

    Does anyone think sending an Email to Cingular or Infospace (which I believe does the software for converting pages to mobile pages) would be worth it?

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    I think you answered your own question.

    To aleviate CPU time on the PalmOS device, compression is taken out of the loop by the proxy (browser dependant), and a bitmap is sent to the device. The obvious downside to this is the increased filesize. I posted awhile back about this when I was writing some camera software. My snapshots were about 3-4 K jpegs, but the treo was downloading almost 15-20 K for the same image. Personally I wish they would just do the decompression on the device. I know it's not fast, but it would save us bandwidth.


    somebody wakes up and offers a decent-priced unlimited bandwidth plan. :P
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    Interesting! And at High Color, it's 14.5K!! I changed to 256 colors and got the same result as yours.

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