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    Just thought I'd share with any Singapore M1 users out there, that the Treo can be used as a wireless modem to connect your laptop to the internet through M1.

    Firstly, you need S Grubby's wireless modem software (can search for the location on Treo central. The software on the Treo should be set as follows:

    Enable Modem Yes (make sure you switch off wireless and then back on again before doing this, and also make sure you are NOT connected to GPRS, although the software should automatically disconnect you if connected)

    PDA Modem Port:
    Auto Detect, 57,600

    Laptop Connected Via:
    IrCOMM (if using infrared)

    Show Status Lights No
    Show Data No

    On the laptop, create a dialup account with the following config:

    Username: 65xxxxxxxx (your m1 phone no.)
    password: user123
    phone no. *99***1#

    Make sure your max speed is set to 57600 to match the Treo speed. And make sure you use hardware flow control. There is no need for any initialisation strings.

    I couldn't get it to work with Grubby's earlier versions of wireless modem, but I recently downloaded his latest version and gave it another go and hey it works! Surfing speed is acceptable, but watch out for your data charges, which can sky rocket if you are surfing pics and not on an unlimited plan. I use the GPRS Flexi VAR plan which suits my needs.

    Hope this helps somebody.

    ps. Buy Grubby's software if it works, show him some support!
    pps I guess I should follow my own advice .
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    Originally posted by tuen
    Buy Grubby's software if it works, show him some support!
    pps I guess I should follow my own advice .
    Please note that my name is Scott Gruby. There is only one b in my name. I appreciate your support of my application, but please spell my name correctly. Thanks.
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    I had been trying for a few days now to get a GPRS connection using T-Mobile here in the USA with my Windows 2000 laptop and your information finally gave me the pieces I needed to get it to work.

    I think having the user name helped as my connection would always hang/timeout during the "Verifying User Name and Password".

    I also learned from another thread that turning off the debug information would increase the "WirelessModem" connection reliability.

    Now I have a backup and or mobile connection option to use with my laptop. Not real speedy but in a pinch (especially since my broadband provider doesn't offer dialup) it will work.

    Now I guess I'll have to spring for the $35 to register Scott's modem application.

    Thanks again,

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    I saw your post about being able to use Tmobile's GPRS on your laptop. I'm having trouble figuring out how to set up a connection on my laptop for Tmobile (I'm running Win XP, but should be similar to your Win2K). Could you outline what steps are needed to set up the connection on the laptop side?

    Thanks in advance.
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    Sorry it took me so long to respond. Here's what I'm doing on both side in abbreviated instructions.

    Windows 2000/XP laptop with IR port.
    irCOMM Software for laptop
    Treo 270 with working GPRS
    WinModem by Scott Gruby

    1. Install irCOMM (search for it on google or on this board).
    2. Add standard 9600 baud modem on port created above (it created a COM4 for me).
    3. Create dialup connection using the modem above NOT the infrared port. (you should have both as selections when you select the modem for this connection).
    4. Modem Speed: 57600 (same as WinModem app on Treo).
    5. HW Flow control on everthing else off (compression, etc).
    6. All other dialup settings were the defaults.
    7. Disable picture transfer over IR (Wireless link in Control Panel)
    8. Setup Treo modem app as: PDA Modem Port "Auto Detect" -Connect to Laptop "irComm" both speeds at 57600 and status lights and debug OFF. Make sure you'r not connected to GPRS!
    9. Enable modem button on Treo modem app.
    10. Line up Treo ir (top) with your laptop ir port.
    11. I then get a "Wireless Link" icon on my desktop that goes away when I break the ir link.
    12. Dial the new connection you just made and when it asks for name and PW use: Name: 65xxxxxxxx (your T-Mobile phone no.) and password: user123.

    That's basically what has worked for me. As with ALL Windows operations YMMV. If anything is unclear post and I'll try to elaborate.

    Good Luck,

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    Thx Boston Guy. I'll give those settings a try and see what happens!
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    You helped me get this going for a client!
    Thank you!
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    You might look at:

    for the GSG app which creates modem scripts for GPRS around the world.

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