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    Ugh... I called to upgrade to GPRS and the "data network specialist" told me they can't give me the GPRS upgrade. Apparently they have me on "Smart Access" (this is their euphemistic way of ghettoizing people with bad/nonexistent credit ratings), which lets them cut me off if I become more than $150 in arrears. And the GPRS option is "not available" for people on the "Smart Access" plan.

    I've never been late with a bill -- in fact I've never been in debt to anyone, or owned a credit card, which is why I have no credit rating. I'm currently on the $40/month for 600 minutes plan, and wanted the $20/month GPRS upgrade, still a far cry from $150. They already charged me an additional, non-refundable $75 signup fee for my basic account, due to my credit rating... I can't believe they divide their customers into credit classes. What a sleazy ploy.

    Anyone have any thoughts about how to "encourage" them to upgrade my account? I've written to Customer Service (can't believe they won't provide a phone number for complaints). I still have 7 months left on my contract, or I'd bail out immediately.
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    With every cell company I found the folks that help you cancel your service can do almost anything to keep a customer. Call and ask how much it will cost to cancel cuz you are thinking of changing companies. They always say to me (Is their anything we can do to keep you?) That's when you hit them up for what you want. Worth a try. Good luck.
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    T-Mobile Customer Service is reachable by phone, call 1-800-937-8997. Credit classifications are very necessary if a company wants to remain in business. Your lack of credit history is currently a "catch 22" but it won't be long before T-Mobile will have enough of a track record to upgrade you. In fact. my guess is that if you keep asking for supervisors you will find one that will do exactly what you want them to do.

    Good luck!
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    T-Mobile refused my dad (who is my sponsor/payer for my phone). T-Mobile is stupid, and they lost our buisness, as they greatly offended us for being so stupid. (If he reads this he is welcome to tell it himself, but basically they were dumb). MY dad has perfect credit, and a good income. Crazy.
    -Michael Ducker
    TreoCentral Staff
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    Sorry for the slightly manic tone of my earlier post. I'm just so annoyed -- been waiting for months for T-Mobile to approve the GPRS upgrade, and now they stiff me on it.

    BallCoach, I know credit ratings are widely used by businesses to determine suitability of customers; but the salient feature to me is that I was told when I signed up in July that GPRS was "coming soon," and ubiquitous Web access was my primary motivation for buying the Treo... dialing up eight times a day isn't really cutting it for me. To my mind, T-Mobile made me a commitment, which they need to follow through on. If they were going to deny me SOME services but allow others, that should have been made clear up front, not after I'm signed into a service contract.

    BADFLHT, thanks for the excellent suggestion.... I'll give it a shot.

    Miradu: yeah, if T-Mobile weren't the only choice in my neck of the woods (at least when I initially purchased the Treo), I would have gone with someone else in the first place. I was pretty peeved about having to pony up an additional $75 fee (NOT deposit) when I signed up. Someday a cellular provider will realize they might make more money if they didn't backstab their customers, and everyone else will have to start following along.
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    Try contacting the Public Utilities Commission (PUC) in your state. Every state has one. All wireline voice products are tariffed, and you can not be denied service, though you can be required to post a deposit. I am not sure if wireless voice is tariffed, but I think it is, and again you can not be denied service.

    Wireline and wireless data are definately not on a tariff, which is why they feel perfectly comfortable denying you. Your states PUC may still be able to help, as it is part of their job to defend Consumers like you. Some PUC's are better than others.

    Good Luck!

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    but they will provide service to me.. just under the super high prepay rate...

    Whatever was up with T-mobile though seems? to be over.. Amazon says i should get my phoen in the next 2 days! HEHE.. however, we will see if they will let me add me $2.99 a month istream/SMS package (right now i have no SMS! )

    Lets be optimistic and hope for the best... I can't wait to get my phone (this also means that i have a working Treo again... I love SIM card changeing )
    -Michael Ducker
    TreoCentral Staff
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    Well, I've had several calls to T-Mobile, and they're flat-out stonewalling me. They refuse, under any circumstances, to hook me up with GPRS, saying it's "incompatible" with my account type. Yeah, whatever.

    I even offered to put down a deposit of a couple hundred dollars, just to reassure them that I'm not going to use 20 MB of their precious bandwidth and then rush off to South America, but no dice... I really don't understand what they're so worked up about. I'm just trying to buy more services from them (and services that don't even incur serious liability), not take out a loan or anything. Of course they won't let me escape my contract, but they also won't give me the functionality I really want. Very frustrating, as I bought the Treo mainly for wireless data transfer. I like the keypad for SMS and all that, but from a voice standpoint it's about the worst phone I've ever used. Oh well.
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    If you think T mobile is bad

    just try getting a loan for a car or a house with no credit rating.

    and don't forget!

    your insurance company uses your credit rating to offer and calculate rates.

    So get a credit card, use it and pay it off on time, better yet, buy something on installment.

    If you really hate credit...then you'll have an excellent rating in a few years because you don't abuse it.

    As for usually costs 250 to get out try the "i'll quit if you don't approach"
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    How about trying to get a Sprint Treo 300?

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    Here...let me handle this comment.

    given the fact that it would cost between 400 and 600 dollars to break his contract and then buy a new phone......

    I don't think a sprint 300 is a viable option at this point.......

    if it were, alot of us would be on the phone with Sprint right now!
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    To break my contract, it only costs $200. Besides, can't you downgrade your current contract(say $19.95/mo) and give that GSM phone to your daughter/girlfriend/wife/etc. and then buy the Sprint Treo 300 for yourself?

    That's what I plan to do. Give my current phone to a friend or something, then go with Sprint.

    I'm just waiting to see if T Mobile will drop their GPRS rates. I just saw on the news that Sprint laid off many workers.

    I don't know if they will jack up their rates now or lower them?


    Originally posted by sketch
    Here...let me handle this comment.

    given the fact that it would cost between 400 and 600 dollars to break his contract and then buy a new phone......

    I don't think a sprint 300 is a viable option at this point.......

    if it were, alot of us would be on the phone with Sprint right now!
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  13. #13 it costs 200 to break the contract...then another 300 to buy a Treo 300 with a contract....

    sounds like 400-600 dollars to me....
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    but i would be interested to see if you can downgrade your plan.

    this wouldn't make much sense for them as a business.

    but maybe you can do it.
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    The sick part of my situation is that the T-mobile rep who signed me up, assured me that I was on the "Get more plus" plan with the 10mb per month internet access.

    When I got the sim card (bought the 270 on ebay), my plan said SMART ACCESS 3000.
    I called and got the same line as the thread starter:
    "We can't change your plan, etc."
    They said I didn't qualify for the credit check so I couldn't receive internet via my Treo!!!
    (When I signed up for the plan, I ASKED THE REP SEVERAL TIMES TO MAKE SURE I GOT A PLAN WITH THE WIRELESS INTERNET PACKAGE) After all, I'd spent 400 dollars on this damn phone.

    I asked to speak to a supervisor and told her that there was NO WAY I would buy a $400 phone and not have the internet access.
    I told her that the first time I'd ever even HEARD of Smart Access, was when I got my first bill, and that there was NO WAY I was paying my bill.
    She offered to let me out of my contract and waive all charges except activation. I think I'll just find a family member with better credit (mine isn't that BAD), and try to stay with t-mobile (SHUDDER)

    I have a couple questions for the group.
    1)Isn't it ODD that you can't put down a deposit for this service, if you don't qualify for the higher end credit???

    2)Has anyone else had a service rep hook them up with a plan that they didn't order? ( I am crystal clear on what I ordered originally...

    3)I hear cingular supports the 270 now, do they have the same credit bull that t-mobile has?

    Thanks for any info, and for those of you screwed by t-mobile, I feel your paaain!

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