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    Does anybody know if GPRS is working on Cingular around Marin County/Bay Area Friday evening?
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    i've been losing service on the weekend the past 2 weekends in a row in the LA area.
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    Originally posted by TheDudeG4
    i've been losing service on the weekend the past 2 weekends in a row in the LA area.
    Can you connect today? Or yesterday?
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    I haven't been able to connect for the last couple of days. :-(
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    nope, not at all. I guess in my *mind* the last 2 days have been the "weekend", sorry for the confusion
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    No configurations changes, it just started working for the first time.
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    see/search other posts. Cingular GPRS has been down for the past week in CA and NV. It just came back up for me at 0800 PST in SF.
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    I've been having a difficult time logging into the the GPRS network since last tuesday or so, but as of today, I've been able to get connected, and most importantly STAY CONNECTED. I'm using 1.1 on a T270 in the Bay Area using Stinkular. Has this something to do with upgrading their software to accomodate T270's?
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    Los Angeles still appears to be down. 1.1.
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    Same here!
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    Has anyone tried Cingular GPRS with the 1.1.1 upgrade? Perhaps they've changed their setttings lately so that it only works with 1.1.1.
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    I believe "Zamiv" is running the 1.1.1 patch and is experiencing the same in NoCal. I think it worked briefly for him and than stopped again.
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    It was spotty on Thursday but seemed to be fine yesterday and so far today.
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    I still got nothing in LA. 1.11 here.
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    I have been in Sylva NC for the last few days and GPRS doesn't work on the Cingular network in this area. If it did I would still not use it since the charge is 10 bucks a meg.

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