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    Treo270 GPRS works for me fine using a T-Mobile sim card, as does regular dial-up using T-Mobile. However, when I put in the Cingular sim card, only CSD dial-up works, GPRS will not connect. My Cingular account is supposed to have GPRS enabled, and indeed when you go to the Cingular admin page on the web it looks like it is all set up and active. The only mysterious part is that at no time during the install did it ever ask for my user name or password for GPRS, and so I cannot figure out if I need to provide those things in order to "log in" to GPRS service.

    Of yes, and if I did want to provide those things, I can't since the network connections setups are locked. I could try to duplicate them, but don't know what else is hidden in the locked ones.

    Oddly, I did not provide them for CSD either, and it works fine. Any ideas?
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    I have not been able to connect GPRS in Los Angeles for the past 2 days and prior to that have had no problems at all.
    I called Cingular support about an hour ago and they confirmed that everything is set on my account correctly. They also mentioned that there have been some outages with the gprs network but said that everything according to there logs is back up in all markets.....
    They credited my account $6.99 for a months service and said that I shouldn't have any problems right now connecting.

    I don't know??
    Have they changed something in their network settings that is not allowing the treo to connect?

    I'm running the 1.1 patch.
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    i'm having the same problems in LA. Was the same last weekend as well if I recall. So you think this might be a Treo problem and not a cingular problem?

    My hunch is that it's the tech who is talking out his arse.
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    A good guess would hopefully be their network and not our treos!
    They did say that they have been having outages.....
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    No changes, they must have just been down for a while.
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    Cingular GPRS has been down for the past week in CA and NV. It just came back up for me at 0800 PST in SF.

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