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    I have a Treo 180. I was fortunate to get the beta version of the GPRS upgrade. Since that time, my wireless mode will shut down on it's own randomly. I figured it was the upgrade, so I waited for the official release, but I'm still having the problem. I should add that this is my fourth unit.
    Called HS - gave me the usual try the hard reset, remove your backup folder etc.
    Before I call back to request a new unit, has anyone experienced this and know of a fix? I really love my Treo, but this is getting ridiculous. I also own a SideKick and while it is bulkier etc, it's a pretty cool device.
    Anyway, any help is appreciated.
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    Well, this may not be of much help but I have a Treo 300 on Sprint with the same problem.

    Problem is, it started after I installed TreoMail (1.5). Now I notice wireless mode will shut off by itself 2-3 times a day. Do you happen to use TM? Perhaps the problem is app related?

    Anyway, I'm going to do a search on these forums to see what I can find out.

    Good Luck to both of us.

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    I do use Treo Mail. I just spoke to HS and they're shipping me a new unit, but if the problem is Treo Mail, then this will crop up again. I've deleted it to see if that is what's not working. I'll let you know. If you find out anything more, post a reply.

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