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    Did the GPRS upgrade and I'm not impressed with the speed.

    Sure - sign-on's are faster, but when checkiing e-mail with Eudora and Aileron, browsing in Blazer, or updating Avantgo, the difference seems far from dramatic.

    I'm using a 180 on Tmo. My wife has a 300 and her Vision service seems snappier, but not by much.

    Always on has strong appeal for me, but so does the need for speed.

    Are you noticing dramatic speed gains after adding GPRS?

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    GPRS is not significantly faster. 2 issues here: latency & bandwidth. even though GPRS bandwidth is higher, it still takes the site a few sec before it begins to transmit.

    also, the ratio of speed difference between circuit switched and GPRS is less than the ratio of modem & broadband via cable at home.

    I dont use GPRS for speed. I use it for "always ON". i.e. i dont have to dial out every time to access something.
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    I think one could actually take advantage now of faster processor. I see blazer spending more time painting the screen then GPRS pulling in the data. Just my opinion, now that GPRS is here, it is time for high res screen and faster processor. Prior to GPRS I didn't care.
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    I think the GPRS speed also depends on how loaded down the local T-Mobile market is. My speed in Chicago isn't much better than with dialup, but I went to a relatively new market (Rochester, NY) for T-Giving, and the GPRS whales here. Probably 4x typical dialup. But regardless, the always-on makes a huge difference to me.
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    I wasn't that impressed here in the Bay Area.

    I found GPRS to be flakey and not all that fast. When traveling on BART (the underground transit system), I found that I often had to turn wireless access off, then on again, and then also re-signon to GPRS in order to get it to work on my Treo 180.

    When it worked, it was pleasant. But it's not essential for my work, nor does it add measurably to my social life.

    When I canceled my GPRS service today after just 5 days of usage, I explained my concerns to the customer service rep, and she was cordial and understanding. She also noted -- as have other reps -- that T-Mobile is "constantly evaluating pricing options, and does wish to remain competitive" and that I should "check back in a month or two" to see if new price plans are in effect.

    Personally, there's a good (though not certain) chance that I'd give it another go if it were $10 for unlimited data, and I let the rep know that.
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    Using Cingular in Los Angeles, I found it much faster. For example, someone sent me 9 jpegs (500 k) and using Snappermail it said it would be 28 minutes to download them. I switched over to GPRS and it said it would take 9 minutes. After a few minutes I cancelled the download and waited until I got home so I could do it on my PC. I found websites load much faster as well. My favorite part of GPRS is the "always on" feature.

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