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    At last... The Treo GPRS upgrade v1.1.1 is now officially supported in Australia!

    HS Australia GPRS page:

    NB There is no reference to specific Aust mobile providers but a quick call to each of the three major mobile providers confirmed GPRS support.
    Telstra - 1800 636 785
    Optus - 1300 300 629
    Vodafone - 1300 301 030



    Before anyone asks - the GPRS upgrade file is identical to the version released in the US a few days ago (ie GPRS_Updater_v111.exe).

    So far the v1.1.1 upgrade seems okay - certainly GSM/GPRS stability (at least with Telstra) has been improved over previous releases.


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    Thanks for the Heads Up dave. Didn't make the news on any treo/palm site they must be too busy eating turkey.

    I plan to get my Treo 270 upgraded on Telstra Mobilenet and take advantage of the first calendar month free of data charges.

    Only problem is my unit is with Brightpoint the Australian distributors replacing a faulty backlight.

    Better be back next week so I start on GPRS.


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