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    Is anyone having issues connecting to Cingular's GPRS in the Los Angeles area?

    I keep getting the following error:

    The GPRS connection could not be established or GPRS is not enabled on your account. If the problem persists, please contact your service provider.

    I've been using GPRS on my Treo 180 for the last couple of days. I know somone posted that Cingular is having issues in the SoCal area for GPRS.

    Anyone else?
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    Yep, it's been down all day!
    Don't worry it's not your treo!

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    Cingular GPRS has been down most of the past 7 days in all of CA and also NV. I have called CS repeatedly, and you should too. We need to complain and let them know that there are unhappy users out there. I got them to give me a $6.99 credit for a months service.
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    i'm going to do the same and call for the credit
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    They gave me a credit and I didn't even have to ask! She said " I'm going to credit your account for $6.99 for a months service. Sorry for the inconvenience". That was nice, except I still can't log on right now!
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    as of 0800 PST i have GPRS service in SF area..

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