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    I installed the GPRS update for T-Mobile and everything is working fine now.

    I recentlly decidec to install my ATT sim card and see what would happen. The network connections change so that the T-Mobile ones disappear but instead there is a ATT WS GPRS network connection. It worked and all the applications work too.

    The Blazer home page now become the Handspring home page as before. So now with the upgrade I am able to use both T-Mobile GPRS and ATT WS GPRS on my phone.

    Good job Handspring!

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    Any idea how to get the T-Mobile GPRS update if you're not a T-Mobile customer?

    I'm trying to use my Treo on AT&T Wireless.

    The Cingular download looked scary because it has Cingular-specific code in there. Has anyone tried installing this then using an AT&T SIM?

    The Rogers one just says that "my wireless provider doesn't support GPRS with the Treo".

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    drk--please search the forums here and read up. There have been unofficial and official GPRS updaters out for months, and HS has official ones posted on their support pages. There is nothing scary about the upgrade if you carefully follow the directions. You can now get carrier specific upgrades with all of the proper files.
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    Please note that I'm using AT&T Wireless and there's no official support from Handspring or AT&T that I'm aware of.

    In any case, I bit the bullet and downloaded the Cingular version of the GPRS upgrade (happened to have a Cingular SIM around from my old account).

    Happy to report that it works fine on AT&T. Eudora Mail and Blazer work now over GPRS.

    It also fixed the missing Voicemail indicator problem that I had before.


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    Any reports on the speed of the AT&T network? I read something about "Class 10" but don't know how that compares to T-Mobile's 2+1 service.

    With the offered 200 bonus minutes on the 350 min national plan ($39.99) and the 3MB data option ($7.99), AT&T seems competitive with T-Mobile at 600 min ($39.99) and 2MB ($9.99).

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