Hey gang, I just upgraded with the GPRS patch for Tmobile, it went smoothly without any probs. I am now trying to figure out how to setup my email. I was using a dial up isp to get email but, and correct my if I am mistaken, I thought GPRS would allow me to receive email "always on". So far I can send and receive email to and from the treo but I cannot get an alert when there is new mail in my box. Also I notice if outlook checks for new mail before I check it on the treo the treo doesn't return any new messages.
I have set up my isp email at tmobile.com and as far as I can tell it is supposed to send an alert when new mail arrives. If I send an email to my tmobile email address it still comes in as an sms message, is there any way to change that? Also is there anyway to have email automatically downloaded to the treo or at least an alert when new mail is in the box? I am trying this with One Touch mail for now, before I shell out some cash for another prog.

Thanks for the help.
Happy Thanksgiving

(today I am giving thanks for message boards - where would we be without them?)