1 - I called Handspring and left a message for Mike in Product Marketing asking that he get back to me regarding availability of GPRS on Cingular, so I can make an informed choice between waiting or switching to T-Mobile. I mentioned to him that I'm the CFO of a telecommunications company here in California, and I think it's good business for Handspring to actually communicate things like this to it's Customers rather than leave them in the dark. Let's see if Mike bothers to call back after the holiday weekend. If I treated my Customers like this, in the competitive wireline world, I'd have been out of business long ago. Enough said.

2 - I also spoke to a pleasant gentlement at Tech Support, who I queried regarding Cingular GPRS. He read me a canned statement that said: "It's currently benig tested, we're working on it."

3 - I'm fed up, so here's my solution:

i - Go to Amazon
ii - Buy the Motorola C332 Phone for $99.99
iii - Subscribe to T-Mobile for $35 activation fee (also at Amazon)
iv - Mail in rebate to Amazon for $200, which will net you $65, which you can use to offset any cancel penalties for getting rid of Cingular. I am lucky in that I have no penalties associated with termination of my account, so I just pocket the net $65.
v - When your Motorola C332 arrives, simply transfer the SIMM to your Treo, and your ready to roll.
vi - Keep the C332 as a nice little cheap back up phone. I'll fully charge mine, turn it off, and throw it in my travel bag as an emergency back up during trips.

For all I know, I could be completely overlooking something very obvious (in which case I'd appreciate someone enlightening me).

The only real irritant is that my phone number will change. I'll survive that.

Finally, if Handspring would communicate with it's Customers, we wouldn't have to resort to thinking up crazy, idiotic plans like the one I've outlined above or resort to hacking our devices via unofficial upgrades. In fact Handspring could use many of the folks who post on this board as very tolerant beta testers for GPRS on Cingular. Anyway, my order will be placed with Amazon on Friday.