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    Ok some somehow my Treo was miraculously upgraded to 1.1.1, but now I want to back dial into Cingular CSD service. But lo, what is the phone number? Whatever it used to say or be is either gone or does not work. Perhaps I need to reinstall the pre-upgrade carriersettings.pdb or something like that? Anybody know? It is not just as simple as getting a phone number to dial into is it? I don't recall seeing a number in there before.

    But I do like the cosmetics of the upgrade, and who knew how much I was missing having the speakerphone work right away instead of after the call connecting.
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    Does it even allow you to edit the CSD connection? On the 1.1 upgrade it locks the settings so they cannot be edited?

    Maybe this can help you:
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    Your post made me go back and look again. Whereas before I used either My Wireless Window, or " Wireless Internet" which oddly always had a leading blank, now there appears to be a new Wireless Internet network choice at the bottom of the list just above Wireless Internet Express that actually works as is. This is good, because as you say it cannot be modified. All of the other ones except these last two can be unlocked and fiddled with. Well, at least it works. Thanks.

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