Okay, I'm stumped here. I did the upgrade, everything went great. Blazer works, Avantgo works, AOL IM works. Only problem is I can't receive any email. I have a pop3 account through Worldnet and I have tried many different email programs (One-Touch, Eudora, Iambic, etc). It is like it can't find the address. It basically times out or says unable to connect to server. I am using postoffice.worldnet.att.net for the pop address. Now the odd thing is if I connect using CSD (i.e. just dial Worldnet using the Treo as a modem) then my email works. So do I need to configure my email differently while connected through GPRS? Btw, I am on T-Mobile.

Also, if anyone has information on how to connect through a corporate firewall with GPRS I would appreciate it. I did get set up for the T-Mobile VPN service.