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    I did a hard reset and started with a fresh backup folder, and now I can CONNECT, but not actually do anything. Can't use AIM, can't download e-mail, can't surf the Web on Blazer, etc.

    Any suggestions?
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    Try disconnecting and reconnecting from the Network preferences screen. I've noticed that sometimes GPRS connections get "stale:" even though it says you are connected, nothing seems to work (in particular DNS lookups timeout). The cure for this is to disconnect and reconnect.
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    It just came back spontaneously an hour later or so. Weird.
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    I have to agree with the prior comment. I started getting "Treo Mail servers temporarily unavailable" about a day after upgrading to GPRS. I went into the preferences/network connection and manually disconnected and reconnected. Worked fine after that.
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    I find that the GPRS connection in NJ is anything but persistent. During the day I frequently have to go to network preferences to disconnect and then reconnect to use Blazer. Often, the display will show a good GPRS connection but then blazer will time out and indicate that the GPRS connection is lost. If the connection is not going to be persistent, I wonder if am better off going back to Earthlink dialup and saving the $20/mo?

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