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    I installed GRPS 1.11 w/ the fake current carrier (I have Cingular in the LA area). Everything seemed to be working fine, however 50% of the time I can't connect to GRPS. The screen stalls on the "Negotiating" part of Connecting to the Wireless INternet Express.

    Any suggestions?
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    After the stall, does it say something like GPRS has not been enabled contact your service provider... Or something like that?
    Is it connected fine the other 50% of the time?
    I know that Cingular has had some issue over the last few days in the Los Angeles market with GPRS and the service has been intermittant.
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    For the past week in the SF Bay Area Cingular GPRS (Wireless Internet Express) has been on the blink. I have been mostly unable to connect. I called and complained to CS and got a one month $6.99 credit. I'm glad I kept my 'old' Wireless Internet dial-up access. You need to call CS and complain so they know that there are customers out there who want to use GPRS.
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    I just got off the phone with Cingular CS who said that they are having system wide problems in CA and NV. This has been going on for a week.

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