For advanced users only!

After installing 1.1.1 and having numerous problems, I figured I would do a clean install. This is the same technique one would use when moving from one device to another (which I did a lot of before my Treo).

1. Install GPRS Upgrade as specified.

2. After device finishes updating itself, verify that the Treo is working, it should be in a virgin state. No 3rd party apps, new time/date on bottom of speed dial, etc.

3. Cancel out of the GPRS Updater. Do this BEFORE it wants to "restore all your data".

4. Backup your handspring directory!

5. Go to your \handspring\username\backup directory and remove EVERYTHING Treo/Handspring related! This is key, especially if you installed any patches prior to GPRS patch availability or if you had 1.1 already. Also remove the Temp Directory and any GPRS Updater PRC's that are lingering.

6. Sync Treo to restore your data and 3rd Party apps only. Thus leaving the Treo OS and Applications fresh and new.

After doing it this way, I have a perfectly upgraded Treo and all my apps are behaving normally. Without doing this I had unexplained neverending syncs, restart loops, and old applications (Sim Services) overwriting the newer apps.

If anyone has any comments on this technique, please post them. I have read way too many complaints and horror stories on here, and I was one of them...