Okay, this makes me mad.

I called up TMO and told them that I had a technical question regarding GPRS. She asked what phone I had, and I told her that I have a Treo 180.

She said, "Please hold on a moment while I forward you. Thanks for using T-Mobile."

I was forward almost immediately to someone who announced his name and then began asking me a series of increasingly confusing questions... up to the point of asking my Treo serial number!

By this point, I politely queried why I was being asked all these questions when I had never had this stuff asked of me before. He explained, "Well, we provide free technical support for the first three months of ownership, and after that it is $19.95 for phone technical support..."

...and then it dawned on me. I had been forwarded not to a TMO tech support person, but a HANDSPRING techie. ACK!