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    I was under the impression that GPRS was always on. Where in the world did I get that idea or am I just plain and simple doing something wrong? The Triangle has appeared over the antenna over the signal strength bars so I know T-Mobile has activated me. I have selected "Wireless Modem" in Connections and "T-Mobile Internet" as Service in Network Preferences. I have also selected "Connect to data network whenever wireless mode is powered on." I was not activated when I did the Upgrade this afternoon but it went smooth and the T-Mobile configuration is there under Network Preferences.

    If I tap on Blazer it says it is connecting for ever and then says "Blazer could not complete the page download. Please try again later". Blazer will not connect to any of the sites I had previously Bookmarked.

    If I use EudoraWeb it will connect to the three sites I had Bookmarked previously using my dial-up but will not connect to any new URL I type in.

    Anybody got any ideas?
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    Nothing like replying to your own post. I forgot about "when all else fails, reset".

    Works now!

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