Well I work for T-Mobile as an Account Executive for the CT Area. I have been reading a lot on this message board and also went out and purchase a Treo 270 and flashed it with GPRS about 2 months ago. Let me just say that the GPRS makes a world of a different. It is like Night and Day when you first try it. I just update with the New Update from T-Mobile and I didn't really see any different.
Here is some information I would like to past around.

The treo with the GPRS update works almost like a Sidekick. They both do the same thing now but the Sidekick Keyboard is a little easier to type on but then again the Sidekick donít do haft the things the Treo can plus it is a little bulkier.

The Sidekick unlimited data plan is nice and everything but to tell you the truth I use my treo a lot and for the past month I havenít been going over 2-5 MB wroth of data. I donít know why I havenít used that much data but a friend of mines told me that when you surf the Internet with the Treo everything goes through a server that would compress the data. And a 10MB data plan is only $19.99 on top of your voice plan.

Well that is my .02 cents on this issue.


If anyone of you guys need help with flashing your treo or to add GPRS data plan to your T-Mobile account please free feel to contact me at dung.tran@t-mobile.com or give me a call at 860-997-6906