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    Hi there,

    While it's a bit of a moot point currently*, I'm curious to know whether it's easy to switch between GPRS and CSD connections once one's account is provisioned for GPRS access.

    This would be important for those who, for instance, may have a low meg allotment and want to check e-mail by GPRS but surf the more (kilobyte heavy) Web via CSD.

    Is this easy to do? And if possible, could you offer simple instructions here?



    * P.S. -- This is kinda moot for me because I'm thinking about doing a 3 or 4 day trial of GPRS, since someone here has reassured us that the monthly fee is prorrated but the data is not
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    Yes, it is easy.

    Under preferences go to the network section and choose which network you want to use.

    In my case I have:

    T-Mobile VPN (GPRS)

    ISDN (Follow he instructions in another post elsewhere in this forum). Good use for your free weekend minutes!

    Earthlink (My ISP)

    You even have the option of choosing a fall back network if the connection fails under advanced options.

    The last network you use will be your default for you next connection. You can change this at will.

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    Hey thanks!

    I still don't understand the difference between CSD and ISDN though. Could you please explain?

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