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    My GPRS upgrade on my 270 was flawless. I have ordered GPRS service from T-Mobile, however, the customer service rep, who was really very good, said it might be as much as 24 hours before it is activated due to the high volume of requests they have had since last night.

    At this point my Network and Internet connections are still the Earthlink dial-ups I have used since July. When the GPRS is activated will they automatically change or do I have to change them? Or can I leave them the way they are and somehow the TREO is going to figure this all out for me? I use both Eudora and Blazer.

    One undocumented feature of the upgrade: I had no T-Mobile phone service this morning. When I called CS it was determined that someone had mis-entered a stolen phone report on my account and changed my Sim Card number. After three hours of yelling and screaming I finally got re-activated. For the first time T-Mobile Customer service reps right up the line (I talked to 7 of them) didn't say "a what" when I said I am using a TREO.
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    I don't use those services you mentioned but I did the upgrade. It defaults the network connection to GPRS. You'll probably have to manually go into preferences->network and select the dial-up service you were using.

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