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    If you are a Treo user enjoying the new GPRS service on T-Mobile, please join me in complaining to T-Mobile about the price plans for data transfer. I would encourage users to use both e-mail messages AS WELL AS a phone call to the T-Mobile corporate offices. Tell them that their own T-Mobile Sidekick device as well as the Sprint Treo 300 offer UNLIMITED data useage for essentially what we are paying for 2 MB of data transfer. Demand that they give us UNLIMITED data useage too! Threaten to cancel your service and move to Sprint if necessary. Maybe if we make enough noise, we'll get the bottomless bucket of data useage we want (and deserve)!!!

    The e-mail adress can be accessed on the T-Mobile web page. Click on "contact us". The phone number for the corporate offices in Bellevue, WA is 800-318-9270.

    Rise up and be heard!!!
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    As I noted in another thread, you can (and perhaps may wish to) contact them in other ways as well:

    Customer Relations T-Mobile Wireless
    P.O. Box 37380
    Albuquerque, NM 87176-7380
    FAX: 505-998-3775

    HOWEVER, I'd strongly suggest against the 'adversarial' approach; that's a sure way to turn people and companies off and have them NOT listen.

    Threatening to quit is ESPECIALLY ineffective if you're stuck in a contract (like many of us), and it does seem a bit humorous and ironic also when you're currently PAYING for GPRS.

    Paying for GPRS now (and not quitting after your first month or partial month) sends the clear signal, "Dammit, you're charging too much, but... I'm sure willing to pay!" A much more powerful signal would be for none of us to actually sign up for GPRS or -- as I plan to do -- sign up for 3 days and pay a prorated fee but get a full data allotment -- and then discontinue the GPRS service.

    Overall, I think it's best if we POLITELY mention that we're currently "evaluating" offers from Sprint and/or if we're under contract, we can (probably honestly) note that we have many friends that are currently evaluating wireless options.

    We may also wish to point out, as I have in my conversations and correspondences with T-Mobile, that there's a LARGE community of us who share tips and info on the Web and that there's sadly a huge amount of disappointment being expressed about T-Mobile being uncompetitive in the data arena.

    The keys here are... be honest... be cordial... and don't bluff.

    I had friends who worked for AOL as CS folks, and they used to just bust a gut laughing at all the people who screamed, "I'm gonna quit! I'm gonna quit, I really am!" -- four months in a row.

    Don't be an AOL'er (though that's fodder for another thread <grin>). Be professional and polite and firm when you talk with T-Mobile. We may be a bunch o' rabid geeks, but let's not act like it
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    Thanks for the fax number. I'll send a complaint there as well.

    I think we all know that dealing with AOL (especially when trying to cancel service) is only slightly less frustrating than dealing with the IRS. :-)

    I am not advocating a surly, belligerent attitude - just a firm, insistent tone and Treo users who are willing to change service providers. If, after a reasonable length of time, T-Mobile has not taken appropriate action on their data price plans I am willing to AND WILL make the change to Sprint and enjoy the unlimited data plan they offer.

    Yes, I know there are coverage issues with Sprint in some parts of the country, but it is my understanding that in my local area and the areas that I travel to most frequently that I should have coverage that is as good as T-Mobile.

    That's just my 2 cents worth.
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    I read in another post, that perhaps they (T-mobile) are not interested in a FLOOD of GPRS users, perhaps that is why the current pricing plan exists. Although I am normally an early adopter for all of HS products, the GPRS pricing from T-mobile is very difficult to justify over CSD at this time. If the all you can eat data buffet was $10 I would spring for it, but not until then. This does not seem like get more does it ? Lets see for $40 per month you could get 75 min of voice and 10 megs of data.
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    I agree that $10 is "the" pricepoint for me. Any more and it's not worth it, especially given that I have way more voice/CSD minutes than I could ever burn through in a month.

    That said, though, I must note in fairness a few Sprint issues that may make folks think twice about switching:
    - Lousy and often belligerent service. At least T-MO folks have always been friendly and generally helpful to me!
    - REALLY spotty coverage. Heck, look at their coverage map
    - Nasty roaming charges! In contrast, T-Mobile seems to let me go almost anywhere in the U.S. without paying a penny more.
    - Also, I'm not sure if Sprint lets you access your voicemail from any phone without an extra charge (they didn't use to).

    Just stuff to keep in mind.
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    Excellent point about the roaming charges! However, for my personal use it would not be as big an issue. Most of my travel is conducted in-state, so I should be O.K. For the times that I travel out of state, I would be willing to pay the roaming.

    Don't get me wrong, I don't want to change from T-Mobile to Sprint. But I am willing to do so to take advantage of better price plans, especially for data useage.

    I realize that many people are unwilling to go through the hassle of changing providers for ANYTHING (cable TV, insurance, credit cards, etc.) because of all of paperwork and time spent jumping through hoops, but I like to think of myself as a maverick. :-)
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    Have you guys ever check your data usage on your monthly bill???? I mean come on how much can a treo use??? I use my treo almost all day with AIM and getting E-mail sent to me and for the past 2 months I stayed under 5MB and for $19.99 you can 10MB now not just 2MB.
    Another thing I wanted to point it. The reason why data is still high in price is because it takes up 2 or 4-voice cell on the tower to offer 1 GPRS connecting but this is just what I heard around.
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    How much can a Treo use?!?

    Let's look at a moderate scenario:

    15 e-mails a day, 4K average.
    10 Web pages a day, 20K average.

    That's already nearly 8 megs a month right there, and it doesn't include e-mail attachments, any Avantgo queries, any AIM or Yahoo messaging, and so on.

    And many of us get >100 e-mails a day, by the way.

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