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    Does AvantGo even supoport the Treo?

    This is from the AvantGo site:

    Make sure your wireless service provider has set up your account for wireless data connections and that the data option is enabled; CDPD, GSM, PCS 1900, and CDMA networks support data connections.

    I've never used AvantGo wirelessly but would like to!

    Otherwise GPRS is pretty good, though Blazer has frozen on me once, forcing a reset.

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    If you're using T-Mobile...

    In AvantGo go to menu Options-->Server Preferences, menu again and Options-->Proxy Settings...

    HTTP: PORT: 8080

    SOCKS: PORT: 1080

    AvantGo should load pages wirelessly now.
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    worked! Very nice. Thanks, pal.
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    This also worked for me and I'm on Sprint.

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    As a new Treo user (12/27 is when GPRS service was activated), I didn't even realize until today that AvantGo could be wireless. After searching the T-Mobile site and AvantGo (not too strenuously, but for a while) about configuations, I gave up. One quick glance at TreoCentral and I'm working flawlessly. This helpful hint may belong in the "Guides" section of this web site.

    Thank you very much.
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    I'm not sure which method is better but I read recently on this board of an alternate Avantgo work around:

    Menu-Server Preferences-Settings (which is a button not a menu) and in there change the port to 443. Seems to work fine and since you're not relying on an IP address (as opposed to a DNS name) for that proxy server it should be rather permanent.

    Do you know who's proxy server that is that you're referencing?


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