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    Does any one know if your T-Mobile GPRS will work when you are in Cingular territory and if so does the rate plan you have for data cover you while in Cingular land.
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    I'm in California, and it works fine. Can't say for sure in all Cingular territory, though.
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    Thanks. I checked with Voicestream and they said it worked but I would have to pay 10 bucks a meg. Doesn't come out of my 10 megs that I already pay 20 bucks a month for. Won't be using GPS when roaming.

    They need to make this more affordable!!!!
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    Interesting. California is all Cingular, but the network is shared or something, and I'm still technically not roaming.

    I hope the service provider display works properly and I know when I'm roaming so as not to use GPRS.
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    I am in the central valley of California and am always on the cingular network. I am suppossed to be treated as if I am on T-mobil's on network.

    I would suggest just signing up for GPRS on T-mobile and enjoy the flexibility

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