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    Has anyone experienced a faster battery drain on their Treo's since installing the new v1.1.1 GPRS update? I installed mine last night on my Treo 180 and have only had it off the charger for about 2 hours. It looks like i've drained about 1/4 of my battery already with minimal usage. This never happens with my Treo. I also do not have my phone connected to GPRS. I don't even have a data plan set up yet. Can someone tell me if I need to configure something on my Treo to reduce the battery drain? It has to be the new update that is draining the phone because I can't think of any other extraneous factors.
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    to lower your screen brightness settings...the upgrade resets it back to full...which will definitely drain your battery...
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    try a warm reset (hold scroll up button while resetting), may help if there is something running in background & draining your battery.

    I had battery draining problem 2 days ago on my Treo probably caused by numerous new programs I was installing and running. and warm reset worked. Happened on my Visor long time ago as well.

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