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    This morning I woke up and saw that T-Mobile supports GPRS (Wheeee!). As I drove in to work I called T-Mobile and added internet access to my account. Was told it would take up to 48 hours to kick in. Fine.

    I did the upgrade on my 180g, which went seamlessly. Tried to connect to the T-Mobile network for giggles.

    'Connecting to T-Mobile Internet'
    'Singing on'
    'The GPRS connection has failed or GPRS is not enabled for this account.... etc. etc.'

    My questions is: Did I have to indicate to my account rep at T-Mobile that I wanted GPRS or just telling him I wanted Internet addded to my account would suffice?

    Also: Should I my signal strength indicator look any different, EVEN WHEN I'M NOT CONNECTED TO GPRS?
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    this is one of those unfortunate times in life where you're at the mercy of your carrier. I went through the same thing with t-mobile. it took a day for the service to kick in. the indicator on my 180g did indicate that i was getting a GPRS signal, but it was the next day before it actually went through. you'll see! once they get you going it will just connect right on through.
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    Yeah, but my indicator indicates the typical tower and four bars, nothing else, even though I did upgrade to GPRS. What does that mean?

    How does coverage work? If I have a voice signal that is strong does that mean that I'll also have a GPRS signal that is strong?
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    A mini triangle not touching the antenna, above the second and third signal strength bars means GPRS Provisioned.

    A large triangle completely covering the Antenna tower means GPRS Connected.

    I don't always show the GPRS provisioned icon (maybe, GPRS "avaiable" is a better term). This usually doesn't matter, as once you connect it goes to the connected icon. If you want to see what I am talking about, just connect to GPRS, then go to Net Pref's and disconnect, you will see it.
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    It only took about 1 hour for it to kick in for me this morning here in NYC fwiw.


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