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    Before the GPRS upgrade installation I could connect to the Internet from my Treo 270 via the French provider SFR.

    Now I cannot. I have spent much time with SFR technical help but have been unable to get my Treo to connect to the Internet.

    Can anyone out there help me with the network and connection settings required to re-establish a GSM connection to the Internet via SFR? What I need this for the most is to be able to use Treo Mail again.

    Note I don't have a GPRS account. I use the new software tweaks but not the GPRS service.

    Thank you.

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    I'm not sure whether this is an answer to your problem, but I noticed that after updating, TreoMail seems to only want to connect via GPRS, same for Blazer. So, if you use dial-up you are out of luck. Xiino, on the other hand, did work with dial-up. It probably means that the update itself reconfigures TreoMail and Blazer. I don't know how to change them. SFR tech is not the answer, though, probably HS tech. I do use GPRS with T-Mobile, but they don't have a GPRS presence in France (only GSM roaming), so when I'm there, I have to use dial-up and so I discovered what you just did. If you get an answer, please share.
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    During the 3-days wait for my GPRS enabled SIM card from SFR I configured my Treo 270 to connect to the Internet using GSM. I can't remember being it particularly complex. Are you sure you have the correct services on your contract?

    So at least you can be certain that technically it's feasible

    Unfortunately for you I've upgraded to GPRS by now so I can't check the settings anymore. What exactly is the error message that you're receiving? Maybe I can remember the things I did to make it work.

    Also, configuring my W2K laptop to use the Treo as a GPRS modem over IR wasn't easy at all. I've called SFR three times till I finally got across to a tech support guy that knew the Treo and was actually quite excited about helping me out with one. Tell them you have GPRS (they don't check if you're lucky enough), and ask for the Service Parametrage Multimedia to help you configuring your Treo.

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