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    Originally posted by Distrachi
    I havent' done the GPRS upgrade yet and I can't connect to the ISDN line. I mean it connects but no data gets transmitted. I just tried less then an hour ago.
    I was able to get data connections without problem through mid-November......Just upgraded to Treo, tried to set up it handshakes, connects, but transfers no data, as others have reported.

    >Since I'm dialing the same number as everybody else, why would my results be any different? The only difference that I can see is that I haven't upgraded to GPRS and I might be using a different DNS.<

    I don't understand why you're so lucky either. I had been using a 203 number. I tried yours. Same useless result.

    I have not upgraded to GPRS and I copied your DNS recommendations precisely. I was able to get this working with the 203 number a year ago so I have some confidence I understand the process....I'm puzzled as to why you're so fortunate.

    Just for good measure, tried it with Avant go wireless as well as Blazer. No use.
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    Originally posted by erniemugsy
    I am using Access-4-Free. I paid a one-time setup fee of $5.95 and now I get 10 hours free each month. It's only $1 for each additional hour after you use up your 10 hours. The maximum you may be charged per month is $10 for unlimited Internet.

    Look at:

    Works great 4 me.
    This is what they told me when I asked if they supported wireless access:

    "We do not support wireless connections.


    On the other hand, the recommendation for was great.

    They don't just work---they actively expect to deal with wireless. If you go to their home page, in fact, they seem to be aiming at that market and explicitly list it.

    They also have a good business plan for wireless. They sell prepaid, by the hour. So you could get 60 hours of time for just $20.

    Now, depending on your needs that may not be what you want, but I suspect for most people, who need to occasionally check email and update an avantgo page, and aren't going to spend a lot of time browsing wirelessly on the internet with a 2 x 3 screen, this is just perfect--gives access, gives a more than reasonable amount of time, at a very reasonable price.

    So, now I feel comfy in telling T-Mobile to take their overpriced plan and stuff it.
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    I went to ... payed the $4.95 and have been happily using free internet access since then...

    The end
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    I guess this is yet the 1000th example of:

    (a) tech support who knows nothing about what they are talking about; OR

    (b) in point of fact they do not like the wireless access, won't admit it works, and at some point in the future they'll do something to make sure it stops working. If that is the case, I confess I am much happier with someone who is openly supporting wireless access and eager for that business rather than reluctant and looking for a way out. (Free ISPs traditionally do not support wireless of course as it interferes with their advertising and other proprietary issues.)
    If it doesn't have a slot for SDHC--I don't want it. Period.
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