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    Both Sim Book and Sim Services crash on my Treo 180 with the newest update. It only happens when the service indicator says T-Mobile (who is my provider.) Sometimes it says Cingular Wireless, and when it does these programs seem to work.

    Anyone else have these problems?

    Oh, it didn't work on the 1.1 version either.
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    Running 1.1.1 GPRS update.
    SIM Book works fine.
    SIM Services brings up a message that T-Mobile doesn't support this (as before).
    SIM City brings up a really cool game.

    Okay, just (dumbly) joking on the last one.
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    Hmm, seems to be some messed up setting or incompatibility with some software.

    Works after a hard reset. I'll see if I can figure out what's messing it up.
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    Figured it out. My backup program was backing up the built in apps in addition to everything else, and transferred the older versions back to the Treo, causing problems.

    Even attempting to delete the versions of these programs in RAM don't seem to help. I did a hard reset, and restored making sure not to transfer those back, and everything is working again.

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