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    I just saw a thread on getting GPRS to work on mmO2 network and I thought I would add a few tips that I found helpful upgrading.

    1. In Europe it is quite common for GPRS to be delivered to phones in two flavors - WAP access or Internet access. This represents a different APN (read Network Preference) on your Treo. WAP APNs in Europe frequently do not have general Internet access and should not be subscribed to. A friend of mine suggested that you specifically ask to have GPRS activated for your account as if you had a PC GPRS modem card - then the carrier will activate your account for the right APN.

    2. What happened to Call History? Call history is now a menu item on the Options menu. It is no longer a view. /Y is the shortcut.

    3. How do you get the APN settings for your carrier - I have tried several SIMs (I bought a few pay-as-you-gos while traveling) and each one seems to automatically generate the correct Network Prefs on my Treo once I turn on the radio. It just works - great! Your old Net Prefs settings are left in place so you can still go back to the CSD setting if you want. CSD, ISDN and GPRS connections all still work fine.

    4. Turn off and lock - seems to have been removed from the Security application. I presume this is to allow 911 calls from your Treo even if you dont know the password.

    5. I cannot send email. I get email but my POP3 mail client fails to send. Why? This is the problem of SMTP authentication relating to POP3/SMTP email servers. This topic has been discussed to death already under the Treo 300 forum on this site. I dont believe that T-Mobile will allow its SMTP server to be used for other account email forwarding even if you are logged in securely to their network. I suspect that the best bet is to go get a good email client such as Eudora or MultiMail Pro but check first with your Email server administrator to find out if the kind of authentication needed by their server is the kind supported by Eudora or MultiMail. If they use IP address restriction and your carrier does not allow its SMTP server to be used by other domains, you have little option but to use TreoMail or to switch email service provider to one who supports less restrictive SMTP authentication.

    6. Fax - I dont know of any way to send faxes on GPRS. Anyone got any ideas?

    7. Cool stuff to try: AOL 3.0 and AIM 1.1 at are both packet network enabled. The AIM portions are a little buggy and will give you index out of range 8589 errors from time to time but are not bad. They dont seem to be smart enough to continue posting your buddy presence though if your PD context goes dormant (in plain English, your connection to the net appears to you to be constant but in actual fact it goes to sleep when inactive - your session is called a PDP context).

    Another cool app based on MIDP (Thats mobile J2ME Java from Sun) is Midcast from - get a live stock ticker on your Treo.

    8. Treo Mail - you need to update to the latest version to get GPRS support. Version 1.5 is required.
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