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    Hi there,

    I just spoke with a Tier 2 technician at T-Mobile who was very friendly but firm in telling me that, no, there are no GPRS/Internet rate plans ("add-ons") newer than the ones released in early October.

    I asked him if this might change by 9pm tonight, and he responded that -- as a Tier 2 techie -- he'd have been notified this afternoon if there were going to be any evening billing change affecting data usage.

    In other words, it looks like we're still stuck with sucky (read: expensive and metered) GPRS plans for now.

    BUT WAIT! David suggested that we make it clear to T-Mobile that their service for Treo users is no longer competitive. He said that he agrees that it's "unfortunate" that the SideKick users get free unlimited data usage for a year, but not Treo folks, and he recommended that we:
    1) Send an e-mail to T-Mobile via
    2) ALSO send either a followup fax OR a Snail Mail note.

    I think #2 is crucial here. E-mails go BLIP and then they're gone, but faxes and Snail Mail take up space and more processing time and can make, IMHO, a much bigger impact on T-Mobile.

    Here is T-Mobile's contact info:

    Customer Relations T-Mobile Wireless
    P.O. Box 37380
    Albuquerque, NM 87176-7380

    FAX: 505-998-3775

    I respectfully recommend that we all write short and cordial notes immediately, and report back here regarding any interesting responses we may get.

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    Are there any email to fax gateways out there anymore. That'd be a quick way to flood `em.
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    I don't see how they couldn't change the pricing. They're competing not only with themselves in the SideKick project but also with Sprint who is offering arguably faster speeds on the G3 network at $10 for unlimited as well. I think it will change soon.
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    Also forgot to mention that I sent T-mobile an email Friday night asking why I couldn't find the Treo or associated plans for it anywhere on their website. They have yet to get back to me. I'm guessing they are in the process of revising they're website with new plans specific to the Treo. It only makes sense especially when you keep in mind that the current rates for GPRS are not even meant for the Treo being that as of the moment T-mobile does not officially support GPRS for the Treo.
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    Regarding e-mail to fax... no, but there's a next best thing.

    I use the "iPrint2Fax" service and love it! It installs as a printer driver on Windows PC's, so anything you can print, you can fax easily. $5 minimum deposit, I think, and then each page faxed anywhere in the U.S. costs just 5 cents.
    Highly recommended!

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    For the board's information:

    I found an email-to-fax site, and best of all it's FREE (one of my favorite 4-letter words). I have not tried it yet, so caveat emptor.

    You can use their email addressing format to send a fax directly from email, or you can use their web page submission form. Check the list to see if the area code you want to send to is supported first.

    Hope this helps.
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    FYI, here's the data rate structure for T-Mobile, at least in the San Francisco Bay area. Rates MAY be different in other areas.

    20 megs of data
    300 text messages
    $3.50 a meg overage

    50 megs of data
    $3 a meg overage

    Other plans (no info on text messages or overages):
    $ 9.99 - 2 megs
    $19.99 - 10 megs
    $99.99 - 200 megs

    Note that *BOTH* the monthly fees AND data usage are prorated, unlike with voice minutes.

    In other words, if you signup halfway through your cycle, you'll pay half as much, but get only half the megabyte allotment!

    Apparently, T-Mobile is "looking into" other rate possibilities, but has no info to give the public at this time.

    Lastly, I asked the tech guy what would happen if I signed up for a Sidekick plan but used a Treo. He emphatically noted that this would not work at all, since the Sidekick connects to a different network.

    This info obtained via a chat with a wireless data person at T-Mobile around 9:30pm PST, Monday 11/25.

    Blah. If it weren't for my kickass voice plan and ability to carry my phone overseas, I'd be really really jealous of people on Sprint PCS Vision right now.
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    What a big disappointment the rate structure was not revised. Geez, you can pay 40 bucks for 75 minutes phone and 10 meg of data. Not enough of nothing for $10 more than I am willing to pay per month. Maybe it's time to shop elsewhere since I'm not in a contract.
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    I spoke with a T-Mobile tech after downloading the GPRS update and was told that my existing $2.99 per month, 1 meg T-Zones plan which I was using primarily for text messaging qualified as a GPRS data plan.

    After going into the Palm Applications menu, Preferences, then Network menu, I changed the Network Service Provider from MSN to T-Mobile Internet but kept getting a message that my "GPRS APN in not configured correctly". (what's T-Mobile VPN ?)

    Did the T-Mobile tech do a Sprint on me?
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    From everything I've heard, t-zone plans WILL NOT allow you to do anything on your Treo, with the possible exception of accessing WAP sites.

    And even if you COULD access the Internet... how long would 1 meg last you? If you get just 10 3K e-mails a day, that nearly fills up your allotment right there. Ack!
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    I don't see how anyone who receives a lot of email can afford the T-mobile plans. I receive about 30 emails a day, and some emails have small attachments of about 150k. My limit would be reached in a couple of days.

    Who wants to worry about getting too much email or spam?

    If T-mobile wants more of my money for GPRS, they will need to change their pricing structure.
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    To me it is obvious that T-mo is experienceing growing pains. they simply didnt anticipate this much demand. T-mo's newtork just cant handle the network usage -esp in big cities like NY. I think thats why they price it this way.

    Its control the floodgate pricing strategy!
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    Well they better worry about floodgating their customers from leaving and going to Sprint. If they don't change their GPRS plan, I'm seriously considering eBay'ing my 270 and getting a 300. And I can't think why one would choose buying a new 270 over a 300 with a price difference on data connection.
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    Originally posted by ThatAdamGuy
    Lastly, I asked the tech guy what would happen if I signed up for a Sidekick plan but used a Treo. He emphatically noted that this would not work at all, since the Sidekick connects to a different network.

    Whuh? What "different network"? A magical network?

    T-Mobile is GSM/GPRS, and it's all the same network, as far as I know. It sure ain't CDMA or TDMA, or AMPS, and them's the only ones I know of.

    Please correct me if I'm wrong. Hrm.

    Danger's own website says "The hiptop platform is designed to work with all carrier networks, although we have chosen to launch on the GSM/GPRS voice/data network.

    Was the T-Mo guy scheissin' ya?
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    I don't believe he was pullin' my leg.

    He explained, in a moderate amount of technical detail, that all Internet traffic for the Sidekick thingy is actually put through the Sidekick network (I'm assuming that's what compresses Web pages and so on, just like the Internet Accelerator compresses Web stuff for our Treos)... and if I remember correctly, there are also different proxies set up for the Sidekick.

    Lastly, from what I recall, someone here on TreoCentral tried to pull the "I have a Sidekick" trick, and was then unable to connect to the 'net on his Treo.

    YMMV. I'd love to have this techie proven wrong, let me tell ya!

    Then again, though, the tradeoff for unlimited data with the sidekick plans is, I believe, way fewer minutes.
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    Well I work for T-Mobile and trust me employee’s talk about this all the time and even test with some. Like I said many time the Treo don't use that much data. I mea I used it for about 2 months now and I never go over 5MB a month and that with AIMs and E-mail(about 20 e-mails a day). The reason why Spring offer the Unlimited plan is because they know no one is going to use that much data. From my own experience and from what I heard it is true that to get 1 data device to work it takes up 2 to 4 Voice cell on a tower on any carrier network.
    Now about the sidekick. I think it is true that the sidekick use a different server.... same towers but the data get routed to a different server so that is why you can't just get a sidekick unlimited plan and put it in your Treo(Trust me i have tried).

    The last thing i would like to say is for everyone use GPRS to check their data usage and see how much data your using. Trust me it is a lot less then what you think.
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    The posting from the T-Mo employee sounds weak. I've had GPRS for less than two days now and I've already gone through 2MB of data, easy. I'm on a 10MB plan so I'm EASILY going to burn through that in a two weeks, even considering when the novelty wears off. Ugh.

    Yes, you can monitor your usage (I use TrafficStat) and stuff, but clearly what I'm getting for what I'm paying is not equitable. Not even close.

    I contacted T-Mo through their website and whined a bit.
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    e-mail and AIM are probably puney usage, however web browsing is probably much larger.
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    Following suggestions by ThatAdamGuy, I faxed T-Mobile yesterday explaining that I was a Treo owner who wanted to take advantage of GPRS but found their pricing restrictive.. yada, yada, yada. Someone from T-Mo customer service called me this morning (left a message) thanking me for the fax and explaining that there's not much they can do now, but prices will probably drop, will pass my concerns up to supervisor, etc.

    Anyway, I thought it was pretty cool they took the time to respond to my fax.

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    Can anyone enlighten me on disadvantages to Sprint PCS with unlimited Vision?

    Here are a few, but I need more to confirm me staying with T Mobile:

    1. Sucky customer service
    2. no SIM card to put in a reliable(Nokia)phone when the Handspring unit craps out
    3. less talking minutes for the buck
    4. no customizable ring tones(polyphonic for Treo 300)

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