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    Beat me with that link by a few seconds
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    Originally posted by Kan
    Okay. So now I downloaded the 1.11 from the news story on the front page. When I was installing the problem on my XP machine. It wouldn't let me install 1.11 since I have Cingular service (same issue I had with 1.1).

    'Setup has determined that your mobile service provider does NOT currently support GPRS for the Treo communicator'

    Any suggestions?
    Well so much for the Official US Release....more kinda like the sort of Official US release. That is if your a T-Mobile customer!!

    So hear is your option right now- the unofficial release, if you want it to work with Cingular. Download the modified currentcarrier.pdb from the following link an replace the one in your back up folder with this one, than run the v1.1.1 patch.

    I've been using the 1.1 upgrade since it's release in early Oct. w/Cingular and works fine!!!
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    Beat me with that link by a few seconds
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    T-Mobile update is up on handspring Website. Use the T-mobile ICON on the homepage. There is no link listed on the support page.

    GPRS Here I come.

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    Good Luck!!!
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    hello all.

    any changes from GPRS1.1 to 1.11? if i have 1.1 already installed, is it recommended to go 1.11? Thanks!
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    Installing official 1.1.1 now. Man, this takes forever. If I notice anything different with GPRS tomorrow on the train to work, I will post it here.
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    What about us poor saps on Cingular?

    I guess using 1.1.1, plus the unofficial work around would ensure a safe upgrade.

    Anyone know when the official Cingular update is supposed to come out?
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    All went well with the upgrade. 180 on T-Mobile.
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    I did the upgrade on T-Mobile... now, after everything is done, apps restored, it asked for a reset.

    Now it's stuck on the palm powered screen.

    Any ideas?
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    I am also having a problem. GPRS Installed ok, but now, hotsync is taking forever to restore apps. It appears frozen, this is second attempt, and it stops at memo pad. If I can't restore my apps, I'm not going to be happy.

    Time for bed, it's almost 3 am here. I will let this run overnight and see what happens in the morning i guess.

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    I just noticed on the Cingular Mywireless page, they have a Treo Logon. Is this new or something I missed? Does this also mean that they are ready for the GPRS upgrade? Just Curious... and tired of waiting.....
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    Bladez, it DID seem to take forever to hotsync on my unit, too, so don't worry yet. Though if you wake up to this note in the morning and your Treo is still sync'ing, disregard what I just wrote.
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    Now I can't hotsync. WHen I go to the hotsync page, there's a line of gibberish under the hotsync logo. WHen I try to sync, it says another app is using the serial port. However, I've done a hard reset.

    Whenever I go to the HS page, then try to go to another page, I get an error:
    memory mgr.c, line 4425 nil ptr

    and I have to reset.

    Does anybody have any ideas on this?
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    Yes, I had this exact same problem, but BEFORE I installed the GPRS update, so it's probably not right to blame that.

    Here's how you fix it:
    Go to the HOTSYNC app on your Treo, then make sure that:
    - it's set to LOCAL, not MODEM
    - it's set as "Direct USB/Serial" (by clicking on the gibberish you should get a pulldown menu)

    There may have been something else I did on this Hotsync page, but I don't recall exactly. But I do distinctly remember that this was the trick to get my Treo working again.
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    I seem to be caught in an endless loop of syncing then resetting and then syncing again only to have to reset again and on an on. Any ideas what the problem is. Everything working OK prior to trying to install the update.

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    I also had this happen for a bit, but I realized I had not followed the install instructions to the letter.

    It's critical to hotsync EXACTLY when it says to during the install process and hit NEXT only after the hotsync has completed each time. I believe it sets a flag or two that tells the Treo not to reset and hotsync again when done properly.
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    So how do you correct it since I am unable to go back to that step? I am trying removing the GPRS and Rom updates from the backup file so it doesn't try to reinstall them each time. I will let you know if it works. Thanks for your help.

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    As painful as it might sound, you may try running the installer again.
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