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    Sorry for the random rant, from a newbie to the forum, but I have to get this off my chest to fellow phone users.

    I have to ask, am I the only one with the most unfriendly people at the corporate stores? They are extremely rude and unhelpful. I've had so many terrible experiences with them it's not funny, sadly my parents are in charge of the bill and such. I wish they'd changed the terms & conditions soon so we can just ditch them without having to pay ETFs.

    I've had so many really bad experiences with AT&T (on the phone) and in store.

    Some like, I call my closest AT&T store to see if they have a certain phone in stock (In this case, the Palm pre plus) and at first when I call. They just pick up the phone and then hangup (Not the first time I've called and this happened) and then I call again 5 minutes later because I don't accept being hungup on as a very polite manner to deal with customers. Finally I get someone, and I ask if they got the Pre plus. They've discontinued the pre plus, and still have the pixi plus.. (why?) and he was sort of a asshat about it too. Saying (We discontinued that about four or five months ago, why would you want something thats dead anyways?) I'm like well, webos is amazing.. (Well you should go with another manufacturer, because you're not gonna ever get a pre plus) and I was like. ookay thanks. and then he hung up.

    There was a few times I had issues with a Samsung Captivate that was used for 15 days, I traded an iPhone 4 for it. The phone messed up, I called AT&T. I had to fight with them everyday atleast 5 times before they did half priced insurance for it. (They wouldn't replace the phone because "i'm not the original buyer") which i think is dumb. And they never did cut half the insurance price off. I got another captivate and I didn't send back the other. I sent it to samsung and got it back and gave it to my brother because they angered me. I wasn't even gonna attempt to send the broken one back.

    Then there was a time at the store, that iPhone I earlier said traded, wasn't even a week old and it had an issue (home button was actually misplaced on the device.. so a factory defect. ) and they refused to take it back or replace it. They had this manager there and he was a complete jerk, was like getting all in my face and wouldn't do anything about the phone, he absolutely refused.

    If I was to ever recommend a carrier to anyone. Even if AT&T has the Veer. I'd tell them to steer clear and go somewhere else, mainly because I dont want them to have to deal with dropped calls and the worst customer service I've ever seen in my life.

    have any of you, here at pre-central had bad experiences with AT&T?
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    that's why I:

    1. Switched to CSS
    2. Buy all my phones from their web site
    3. Avoid carrier stores unless I'm forced to go.

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